16 Things Polyamorous People Know All Too Well


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, polyamory is defined as "the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time"

Those who are polyamorous experience a plethora of misconceptions and judgments.  

Here, we will explore some of the common situations polyamorous people find themselves in..

1. When you realize that what you've been taught your whole life is bunch of lies...

You've been taught that you have to fall in love with and marry one person. Nobody ever explained the other possibilities.

2. The first time you experiment with a polyamorous relationship...

Bringing a third person into your relationship for the first time can be emotionally challenging.

3. But then you realize that you actually like it

4. When people think that polyamory=polygamy

Polyamory: All parties being able to have multiple relationships at the same time

Polygamy: One man + many wives (or one woman + many husbands)

5. Or even worse, when they think that you just like to sleep around with no strings attached.

Most polyamorous people are in several committed relationships.

6. And when you try to explain your relationship to someone who's never experienced polyamory before...

7. When you explain it to your mom, and she tries too hard to accept it...

She loves you enough to try...

8. But you know she's really freaking out inside...

9. When your family lectures you because they don't approve of your relationships

10. When someone tries to get you to choose which partner you like more..

11. When the person you're talking to suddenly professes that they only believe in "traditional" marriage

12. When someone says it's impossible to love more than one person at a time

You know that's not true.

13. When you go on a date with someone, then find out they're using polyamory as an excuse to cheat

Polyamory = All partners in the know

14. When you're in a happy relationship with as many people as you want to be with...

15. When people try to tell you that it'll never work...

16. When you finally accept that it's nobody else's business who you love

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