16 Smart Ideas To Make Your Daily Life So Much Easier!

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Here are some life hacks that can save you time and change the way you do some things forever!

1. You can open a selaed envelop without any damage after freezing it for a while.

2. Cover your cable corners with paper clips to make them last longer.

3. You can use your six-sided pencils as dice.

4. If you doubt that someone -intentionally- gave you the wrong phone number, read the number back to confirm but this time around, swap a digit with a wrong digit. If he/she corrects you, you are not fooled.

5. Be discreet when publicly disposing boxes or packaging that may scream “I just bought a whole bunch of pricey stuff.” It will attract burglars to detect your house thinking that you might be wealthy.

6. If you are working on your thesis, you can try leaving your sentences incomplete which makes writing easier when you get back on studying.

7. When you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template.

8. Sick of digging around to find that one item in your clothes? Color coding is the answer. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it makes finding things a lot easier.

9. Keep on inviting your friends with newborn babies to the same events or activities you used to do together even if you know they cannot make it. This would make them feel like they still have an active social circle and ease their parenthood experience.

10. Avoid sending unfinished emails by mistake, by putting recipient's email address after you complete writing.

11. Resist temptation and keep the insistent hosts away by saying "I cannot eat this" instead of "I do not eat this," if you are on a diet.

12. Stop 'screen reading' before sleeping in order to fall asleep better and in a healthier way.

13. Use Pomodoro technique while studying. "25 minutes of studying time, separated by short breaks. Do it for four times and have a longer break before starting over."

14. Take a photo of your car before leaving it for maintenance or in valet. This would prevent possible disagreements that can arise later on.

15. You simply take the tea bags after using them for tea, dry them out then put them near the toes on the sole of the shoe. This works great in any shoe that absorbs moisture and it stops bad smell.

16. While working on something, spaces with high ceilings are more likely to put you in a mindset of freedom, creativity, and abstraction, whereas the lower ceilings are prompting more confined thinking.

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