16 Reasons Why Shy People Are Ideal Partners!


Enough is enough. Stop judging shy people and acting as if they're losers. We're all special in our own way, and shy people are actually your ideal partner. Here, we give you 16 solid reasons to consider being with a shy person.

1. You end up making all the choices. They usually never say no and easily adapt.

2. They're no party animals. They usually spend time on their own. You don't have to worry about any suspicious activity.

3. It's unlikely that you'll be cheated on. Instead, they always think of you.

4. They're usually artsy fartsy people. So you two can sit down and have a talk about almost any subject.

5. They know how to approach people. You won't be annoyed with constant "What's wrong? What's the matter?" questions on a blue day...

6. They don't keep asking questions either...The eyes can do all the talking!

7. No pretending, no showing off...They're always humble!

8. Details>all...Matter of fact, details are the key to a healthy relationship...

9. All focus is on you...They don't seek out other "options"...

10. No time or effort to waste with aggressive people. They also avoid arguments.

11. They don't reveal their feelings easily...Trust is very hard to build, but easy to lose for them...

12. All the shy behavior makes them even more attractive!

13. Usually they come with an adorable pet who shares their loneliness...

14. They memorize all the good times you spend together. No reminders or weird looks needed...

15. They're all so delicate and think of so many things no one else does. Hence, shy...

16. This is why shy people are ready to do everything they can to make you happy!

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