16 Moments To Relate If Your Roomie Is A Make Up Addict!


If you're living with a makeup addict, you'll know what we are talking about. All those products flying about but if you're a girl, you'll NEVER run out of things to use and try. Hey is that a new lipstick?!

1. You have learned to keep your distance from them the hard way.

Don't touch my face! DON'T.

2. You are not surprised by her before and after looks.

You'll see plenty of transformations.

3. You know why she always runs out of money at the end of the month.


Because of that sale at the drugstore. Bills and rent can wait.

4. Your bathroom can turn into a mess within the blink of an eye.


It's only when she is doing her make up, which is probably all the time.

5. You'll knock on her door and guess her process to figure out when you should be ready.


Prepare yourself to wait for a couple of hours.

6. You can easily guess where your missing towels are.


7. You'll see Q-tips everywhere and you are not surprised.


8. This scene is nothing strange to you.


9. You never have to guess which drink was yours, thanks to their lipstick stains.

10. The more you spend time with them, you'll start to guess when they buy and try a new product.

11. Some products have significant importance to them. You don't understand why.


12. If someone compliments their make up when you go out at night, prepare to go home alone.

They've just found their new BFF.

13. Prepare to see fake eyelashes in the weirdest places.


14. If you are caught off-guard, you might mistake these for spiders.


15. You gave up on talking about make up with them.


Because she has been there and done that.

16. No need to think about what you're going to buy them for their birthday! You know what you are gonna do!


The best presents in the world are make up products!


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