16 Issues Only Light-Sleepers Understand


All the people who suffer from being woken up at the crack of dawn! We shall unite! We shall finally stop others from waking us up! Enough is enough! 😕

1. Light-sleepers are the long-distance sweethearts of sleep. No matter how much they love it, they can't come together.

I miss it! Do you get it? I miss sleeping!

2. They constantly dream of getting a great night's sleep, but the tiniest noise can come between them and their dream.

What was that? What? Oh no, I woke up again at f*cking 5:30 for nothing! :(

3. They are usually irritable because they don't get enough sleep.

Can you please leave me alone? I FEEL SLEEPY AS SH*T! Give me a f*cking break! 😠😢

4. Sometimes, even the ticking of a clock can bother them too much to fall asleep.

Oh, you are sooo getting it now, you lil sh*t clock! 😡

5. Although just one alarm is enough to wake them up for work, they spend the first couple of hours being tired.

A lifetime without sleep... 😳

6. They can even be woken up by a gaze, they don't necessarily have to hear something.

- Hey bruh, what's up? Did you want to say something?

- Bruh, weren't you just sleeping?

- I woke up when you came in. 😞

7. They are used to waking up early, even on the weekends.

Dear upstairs neighbor, why do you have to vacuum so early?!!

8. They have learned how to be patient the hard way; by always being interrupted while sleeping. They have the patience of a saint.

God, please give me strength. I haven't had a good sleep since... forever! 😞

9. Once they are woken up, they can't fall back asleep easily.

Ah, whatever... It wasn't meant to be, obviously. 😭

10. They might just wake up for any random reason and spend the whole night without sleeping, again.

Hmm, let's see how late (early) it is. Ah, 4 o'clock. This isn't too bad. Last night, I woke up at 3 and spent the whole night sleepless. Win!!!!

11. Long trips are really not for them. Taking a long trip means two sleepless days for them.

Crying babies, the passenger sitting in front who has his seat almost on your face...

12. Sleeping with another person is very difficult for them. They might wake up with every move the other person makes.

Well OK, I will let him/her sleep and just watch. It isn't creepy at all! 😕

13. They have a life long duty: waking friends and family up because they can get up early.

Bruh, you wake up early anyways. Can you also wake me at 7?

14. Sometimes they wake up because of the sounds that they make themselves.

F*ck! What the hell was that?! Oh, it was me? How can I make such sounds while sleeping? Srsly? 😫

15. It is very likely that they walk around like zombies when they don't get enough sleep.

16. But most importantly, they can finish the things they have to do early because they can get up early. They can make the most out of a day, and they don't miss out.

They are the first to hear the birds singing and see the sun rising! 😊

(It is impossible to go through this without being a bit Pollyanna. 😂)

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