16 Hilarious Dads That Mastered The Art Of Parenting!


1. "This dad who placed this Mr. Bean cutout in random places in his house to scare people."

2. "This dad who created a Bratz doll/chicken hybrid."

3. "This dad who had a messy burrito and no napkins, so he improvised with a diaper."

4. "And this dad who found out diapers can also be used to cushion his guitar in its case."

5. "This dad who put on a strap-on light so he could see better in Hollister."

6. This dad who would never miss an opportunity to take a selfie with Ronald McDonald.


7. "And this dad who found a way to avoid cleaning his shoes and not getting the carpet dirty."

8. "This dad who shines his sneakers with glass spray."

9. "This dad who commented "Glad they're blue!" on social media after seeing her daughter's boyfriend's ball pic."

10. "And this dad who made eyewear for himself out of gum."

11. "This dad who got the family dog protective eyewear."

12. "This dad who was told to get snacks for the kids, so he just brought home a few cases of Danimals yogurts."

13. "And this dad who also never lets a classic dad joke slip by him."

14. "This dad who can take selfies, text, and make a joke all at once!"

15. "And this dad who won't stop pushing his daughter in a cart, ever."

16. "This dad who knows exactly how to get the entire bottle of juice to himself."

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