16 Characteristics Of Back Seat Campers...

> 16 Characteristics Of Back Seat Campers...

It's not only about the position of the seat in the bus or classroom. At the end of the day, the whole bus goes in the same direction, and the entire class listens to same professor. But, the back seat has its own philosophy; people sitting at the back have their peculiar characteristics. We are not talking about backseat bandits, who make the bus driver's or teacher's life a living hell, it's about those mysterious, silent and cool types...

Enjoy  😁😁

1. They like to isolate themselves from others, simply because they are different.

2. They'd rather watch things from a distance, than being in the spotlight.

3. They are not good talkers! They prefer to put on their earphones and enjoy the music.

Or to get lost in the words on the book they are reading...

4. They mind their own business and live in their own world.

5. They just want to be somewhere else; not there.

6. They like going with the flow,

7. and daydreaming.

8. They don't like to spend much time explaining things to people who don't get them. They want to be understood easily.

But they are really good listeners...

9. They don't invite many people into their lives. They are better off with fewer friends.

10. They don't need much to be happy. A window they can look outside from is just enough for them.

11. Sometimes, they care too much about small things other people may find insignificant.

12. More than how people look from the outside, they are interested in seeing what is inside of them.

12. More than how people look from the outside, they are interested in seeing what is inside of them.

13. They don't chase time. Enjoying the small moments is more more appealing for them.

14. Their minds are always busy, longing for the past rather than thinking about the future.

15. Just like the way they look outside through the window, they can see their own life from outside and criticize themselves objectively.

16. Despite their silent personalities, they actually have a strong sense of humor. Their friends know them as cool, funny people. 😊

Bonus: They also care about their comfort. Sitting at the back in bus also has a little to do with not having to move for other passengers. 😂