15 Useful Pieces Of Advice To Improve The Quality Of Your Life!


We know that the example is better than precept but sometimes it's really better to be safe than sorry. We apply for jobs, go for holidays, deal with people we don't know, have things to do at home and so on. But how much of these things in the post do we really think about? Well, as many people experienced more or less the same things, I wanted to give you some advice on small stuff that you can do. Enjoy!

1. After finishing your first 1 or 2 years of your first professional job, start looking for new business opportunities.


2. If an employee does you a favor in the place you go to, don't talk about it on the Internet. You can get that person punished or cause him/her to be fired.


3. If someone asks you to take their photo, take a few photos without telling them first. The most sincere photos come out of these.


4. Forget the cooking instructions of the frozen pizzas. Bake for 5-8 minutes on the top rack of the oven.


5. If you're borrowing someone's car, hand it back over with more fuel than you received it. Believe me, there can't be a better way of thanking.


6. If someone is constantly taking photos, take the camera from that person and take photos with him/her also in them.


7. If you are going to fly 2 people, choose the aisle and window-side seats. The seats in the middle are the last ones to be sold, sometimes they never get sold.


Even if it does, the person in the middle will be happy to replace his/her seat with yours and sit on the aisle side.

8. If you are complaining about constantly checking your phone, get a digital wrist watch. It'll prevent you from checking your phone with the excuse to check the time.


9. If you have a good idea, start doing it before you tell others.


10. If you see someone who has an injury, instead of asking, "How did that happen?" ask, ''When are you getting rid of that cast?" or something like that.


This will save them from telling the same story 276 times and focus on the positive side.

11. When you are preparing your resume , talk about your accomplishments (if any) and what you actually did instead of your responsibilities.


12. If you are going to prepare something for yourself with the stuff in the fridge, prepare two pieces and put the other one in the fridge.


It will be like medicine later on. Because the main issue is getting all the stuff out.

13. Take a picture of the hotel rooms you stay in. It will help you remember the holidays you had after many years.


14. Clean your car before taking it in to be serviced. A clean car shows you that you care about it. This will make the staff treat your car better.


15. Try not to wear branded clothes when you go to a crowded tourist place abroad. Brand logo clothes will make you a direct target for pickpockets.

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