15 Upsides Of Being A Free And Single Woman!


Everyone around you might be in a relationship. You might even have had more than one unsuccessful relationship attempt. This isn't something that diminishes us as women. Although some might think that single women are as strange as aliens, that is only their problem. Individual happiness and peace is the most important thing. Moreover, if you have never been a single and free woman, you can't understand the beauty in it; the beauty we summarized below in 15 points.

1. You don't have to live up to anybody's beauty standards, you can have your own, and you can look pretty, or ugly.


You pick your hair color and make up according to your own taste, or you don't.

2. You don't always have to tidy up.You can clean whenever you feel like it.


Scattering your clothes everywhere after you come home is also pretty fun.

3. Standing up for yourself alone when a man is being a d*ck to you is just awesome. You don't need anybody else.


It is the most basic right of a woman as an individual.

4. You can cry anytime you want; you don't have to try to keep it together in front of someone else.


You save yourself from situations where crying is perceived as a weakness.

5. You can freely attack your food while eating; be as impulsive as you want.


The mayonnaise that gets on your mouth and the ketchup that leaks on your fingers doesn't matter anymore!

6. You find simple ways to have fun by yourself. You don't need anybody else's company to have fun.


If you can entertain yourself, it is pretty epic of you.

7. Nobody will intervene with your shopping; you can go in as many stores as you want.


Shopping isn't an easy task. There is nothing more annoying than having somebody with you who constantly complains and wants to go home.

8. You can make all kinds of annoying noises.


Because the systems of our bodies work like this, and because we can!

9. When you want to get drunk, you get drunk. There is nobody around you trying to keep you in line.


If we want to get out of control, it's because we either need it, or want it (or both, why not?). We are better off without the people who fail to recognize this, and constantly ask us "How many drinks have you already had?"

10. You can dance and go crazy!


Dancing is the easiest and funnest way of letting off steam. There are some people trying to even stop that!

11. You spend great times with your girls!


Having fun and chatting with girls is wonderful!

12. You can spend more time with your family, and have a great time with them.


Our family loves us no matter what!

13. You can travel freely. You can stop somewhere just because you want to, or continue going as you like!


The fun of solo travelling is unique.

14. You dress according to your own wishes, taste and emotions; not somebody else's.


High heels, revealing dresses, or any other feminine detail should be the elements that you choose to wear, only when you feel like it.

15. If you feel like flirting with someone, you just flirt with some one.


Because why the hell not?

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