15 Tips To Stop You From Buying Tons Of Groceries Every Time!


Don't forget: Being economic not only means spending responsibly at the supermarket but also being responsible at home. What wastes most of your money is the leftovers that end up in the trash and other food that you let go bad.

1. Don't go shopping when you’re hungry…

…or you will end up buying enough food for the whole neighbourhood.

2. Break free from the mentality “We can just put that in the freezer for another time.".


Even though your freezer is full of meat, you'll have to buy fresh meat anyway in case you have last-minute guests or you need to cook quickly.

3. Don't talk on the phone while you are shopping, or if you do, then keep the conversation short.

Because your mind is somewhere else during the phone conversation, you might buy stuff that you normally wouldn’t.

4. Don't go shopping before you have decided what to buy.

While you are thinking about what to have for dinner, do not act on the idea “I will feel like something once I’m at the supermarket.” You may want to have everything or end up empty-handed.

5. Even if you're only planning on buying a few things, get the shopping basket instead of the cart.

Because the shopping cart has lots of space and using it to carry your items is much easier, you can end up getting more and more stuff just to fill the cart. That’s why the basket is a better option if you are only getting a few items.

6. If you write down a shopping list, you'll be able to control yourself!

Which of us haven't done that?

7. If you're shopping for a new recipe, please check which ingredients you already have at home.

You don't need to get that extra kilo of flour if you already have a kilo at home, do you?

8. Just because that brand comes up in the commercials most often, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best brand.

You should also give other brands a chance. Most of the time there is no difference in taste or quality despite the lower price.

9. Don’t just go by the sales aisle. But be sure to check the expiration date and the appearance of what you are buying.

The products there are often the ones with a short shelf life. If you are going to consume the product soon enough, why pay more when you can get the one on offer?

10. Ready-to-go products are not as efficient as you think!

They are far more expensive than the regular fruit and vegetables.

11. Try to buy the fruit and vegetables that are in season.

This means that you don’t pay more than usual.

12. There are discounts on certain dates and items. You might benefit from keeping track of these.

13. You don't have to buy more than you can actually eat.

Don't buy 100 of a particular item just because the 101st will come for free. Buy as much as you need and not as if you are storing a whole shelter for a zombie apocalypse.

14. When you're waiting in the check-out line, don't buy any candy or chewing gum, etc. you see around, just to spend.

That’s the whole reason they are kept there.

15. Don't forget that the economic attitude should be retained at home as well.

When you chuck out the food that has expired just because you haven’t been able to consume it or because it stayed in the fridge long enough to go bad, you are also throwing away your money. Stop doing this.

But if you have leftovers that are still edible:

16. You can at least feed the stray animals and save yourself from wasting your money.

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