15 Charming Notes About Men Who Are into Grooming


Please don’t mix this with guys who are more keen on cross dressing and such, which we are not judging of course. We are talking about metrosexual guys who chase quality grooming products and who always look slick! Did you ever wonder what do these guys have in common?

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/kozmetik-urunler...

1. They have the softest hands, smoothest skin and toes…

2. Don’t be surprised if they are selfish and think about themselves always.

3. They are not party animals, they chase more stable, elite, high-class nightlife understanding.

4. They show similarities with Scorpios and they are mysterious, jealous and charismatic.

5. They don’t express their love easily.

6. They can be very annoying. They say no to almost everything.

7. If it’s not going to be their way, it’s the highway.

8. They can’t handle pressure. They either run away or poison themselves.

9. However, they are more efficient under stress when working.

10. Even if they can’t afford it, they chase high quality items.

11. They love talking about everything and pretend they know about all of it.

12. They hate humiliation and they never forget who did it and when.

13. They have a weird sense of humor. They only laugh at their jokes.

14. They are experts at disguising themselves.

15. They hate questions and having to justify themselves.

Bonus – They tend to cheat…Often…

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