15 Things To Learn From Adventure Time!

> 15 Things To Learn From Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is a cartoon that might seem objectionable for kids at first glance, but if you watch it carefully and explain it to them, there are so many things they can learn from it.

1. Friendship

Jake and Finn's friendship, all by itself, is enough to explain to kids the notion of friendship.

2. Love of animals

It's not only Jake and Finn's friendship, but also the general attitude to the other animals. They don't see them as a different species, they accept them and give them a part of their emotions. The way they live in this cartoon introduces children to the love of animals.

3. Imagination

This incredible production of imagination takes children into a one of a kind world.

4. Beauty of dissimilarity

Almost all characters in the cartoon are different from each other, as much as possible, and with this aspect, it shows children the beauty of being different.

5. Emphathizing

The cartoon provides food for thought about understanding different living creatures by showing what they are going though.

6. Malignancy of prejudice

In so many episodes, the cartoon breaks down prejudice by showing, clearly, how it can lead to bad consequences .

7. Helpfulness

Daredevil characters stop at nothing to help anyone; even someone they just met.

8. Love

Love is embraced in many aspects. It is sometimes romance, or parental love, or love of children...

9. Friendship between cultures

It shows that it is possible to have friends from different cultures, and it is not problematic at all. For example, Jake's girlfriend is a rainbow horse who speaks another language.

10. Not to be afraid of monsters

Marceline's being fed with only red paint, and it seems like monsters are actually big-hearted creatures. These characters help to minimize children's fear of monsters.

11. The perception of "there is time for everything".

Eating, sleeping, playing, studying, and things like that, aren't ever neglected. Characters do them all when the time comes.

12. Fighting against difficulties

The idea to not evade issues, and instead fight against them, is instilling. Our fellas never give up in hard times.

13. Facing fears

Facing and conquering fears is an idea presented often in the series, as well.

14. Desire to discover

This might be the best theme of the cartoon. The passion to discover; willingness to learn. It encourages children to learn new things and see new places.

15. Passion of adventure

The cartoon's name is 'Adventure Time.'  This one is pretty obvious.

Bonus - And, of course, we can't say there are no subliminal references...

What is Jake licking here? Children see an ice-cream, but it seems like something different. Do be careful!