15 Sweet, Tasty And Rare Facts About Chocolate!!!


Everybody loves chocolate, from toddlers to the elderly... Without doubt, it's one of the most widely appreciated foods around the world! 

Today, we get to know chocolate better!

Here are the sweetest fun facts about chocolate you've probably never heard before! 🍫 🍫 🍫

1. Christopher Columbus and his friends discovered cocoa beans on their journey. They were amazed by these beans and they wanted to gift cocoa beans to the king and the queen.


They carried cocoa beans to Spain with them. When these beans were approved by the royals, the chocolate journey began.

2. Some archaeologists claim that chocolate was discovered in the ancient times.


Archaeologists found cocoa bean traces on Olmec jugs dating back to 600 B.C. It is believed that the Olmec consumed the cocoa in liquid form back then.

3. The smell of chocolate awakens the theta waves around your brain and this causes your body to relax.


Bitter chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants and lowers the blood pressure for the cardiovascular system.

4. The word 'chocolate' is actually sacred.


Cocoa beans are gathered from the trees called Theobroma Cacaco.

In Ancient Greek Theobroma is literally means "food of the gods."

5. You need around 400 cocoa beans to make a chocolate bar that weighs around 450 grams.


A drop of chocolate gives you energy that can make you walk for 50 metres.

6. Chocolate contains high amount of caffeine and sugar. This may cause hyperactive behavior in some children.


7. Contrary to the common belief, chocolate does not contain high amount of caffeine.


To give an example, 200 grams of coffee contains 150 miligrams of caffeine while 150 grams of chocolate only contain 10 miligrams.

8. The largest chocolate ever made weighed around 5 tons and 792 grams.


Almond producers owe their life to chocolate. 40% percent of all the almond production is made for chocolate companies.

9. Chocolate has anti-bacterial properties and this way it protects the teeth from cavities.


Eating a small amount of bitter chocolate decreases the risks of heart diseases by 33%.

Chocolate, which contains high amounts of cocoa, lowers the blood pressure and has positive effects on the blood flow. This also lowers the risks of heart attacks.

10. Interesting fact about cocoa butter:


If our body temperature was lower than cocoa butter's decomposition point, the chocolate wouldn't melt in our mouths.

11. Consuming too much chocolate can actually kill you.

An average person can consume up to 10 kilograms before they get poisoned. 

Technically, white chocolate is not actually chocolate. It doesn't contain cocoa or cocoa butter.

Bitter chocolate contains more cocoa and less sugar. This is the reason why it is healthier than milk and white chocolate.

12. The biggest mistake you can do is to store chocolate in the fridge.


Chocolate should be stored in cool and dry places. Just remove them from the fridge for a better taste.

13. People who are suffering from depression tend to consume 55% more chocolate than an average person. The reason behind this is simple: chocolate causes the body to release endorphins and makes you happy.

The lead country for cocoa production is the Ivory Coast. They produce 37% of all cocoa in the world.

14. M&M's were discovered while trying to find a solution to provide soldiers chocolate that wouldn't melt around the 1940s.


It was found in a study at Harvard University that chocolate has positive effects on the lifespan. It is believed that antioxidants are behind this effect.

15. Chocolate contains theobromine, a component that decreases the risks of pre-eclampsia for pregnant women.


Chocolate may sometimes cause headaches or migraine attacks. This is the reason why it should be carefully consumed by migraine patients.

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