15 Struggles To Relate If You Share Your Bed With Your Sweetheart!


I can already hear those who say "That's simply not true, sleeping with the person one loves is the best thing in the world." Don't believe it those, dear single friends. We know very well how problematic this can be. We know that there is nothing like cuddling your pillow. Sleeping with your significant other cannot possibly be better than cuddling up with your pillow!

1. Waking up with a numb arm because your girlfriend's head impaired the blood circulation there.

Waking up with a numb arm because your girlfriend's head impaired the blood circulation there.
Waking up with a numb arm because your girlfriend's head impaired the blood circulation there.

You feel like a TV with no signal. So many strong and brave men have lost their arms because of this and could never ever hug anyone else.

2. The territory wars in the bed... Sleeping so close to the wall that you become one with it because of your sweetheart's booty.

What happened to sleeping while cuddling? Since when have we started turning our asses to each other?

3. When your significant other pushes you off the bed involuntarily, receiving support and force from the wall...

All that was sacrificed for sleeping next to each other...

4. Having her hair all over your face and mouth...

That annoying ticklish, tingly feeling you just can't escape...

5. Being woken up in the middle of the night because your better half has had a nightmare.

Being awake doesn't give you any right to wake me up, as well. Does the nightmare's effect disappear if I wake up, too? 😭

6. And fetching a glass of water for your thirsty pumpkin keeping your eyes closed on the way to and from the kitchen.

Yeah, just put sh*t loads of water by the bed.

7. Feeling like you are being suffocated while your partner is hugging you...

Where do you think the expression "Giving your last breath in your love's arms" comes from?

8. Experiencing an intense odor from under the blanket right before falling asleep.

-Baby, do you smell this, too?

-Smell what? I don't smell anything.


9. Getting scratched by your partner, who is just trying to put their arm around you.

10. Having someone poking you all night long...

-Can you move your knee away from me?

-My knees are here baby, not there?!

-WTF is this, then? 😱

11. Soaking in sweat in summer.

"Should we maybe stop cuddling in bed?"

12. And freezing in winter because you have lost the blanket to your partner

Do you know how many marriages came to an end because they were using only one blanket? 

Don't be cheap, just buy another one. It's really not worth it.

13. Suffering through loud snoring noises.

"Baby, I think everyone should witness your talent. You are just like an orchestra during the night. Should we sign you up for a talent show or something?"

14. Bad morning breath and kissing attempts in the morning.

"Love conquers all."

15. And having to go to work looking like a zombie in the morning.

Good luck! 😊

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