15 Simple Ways To Look On Top Of Your Game Even Without Makeup!


Putting on makeup can be super fun and it can definitely give us a boost in confidence... But it is also quite addictive. Once we get used to it, it is hard to go au naturel. 

Believe me, it is possible to feel beautiful in our own skin without any makeup! Below are some tips to help you get there... 

That is if you want to. If you don't, keep rocking that amazing makeup, girl!

#1 Take care of your skin.


Obviously, this is the most important thing. Even if you are using makeup, it makes a world of difference how healthy your skin is. 

Clean your face daily, and then remember to do a deep clean once a week. This can be a steam bath, a peeling, or a moisturizing mask.

Simple but very effective!

#2 Be willing to spend some money on skin care products.


Of course, cheap makeup is dangerous as well. However, pick high-quality skin care products and low-quality makeup products over the opposite any day.

#3 Cut down gradually.


If you are the kind of person who uses over 10 makeup items, then it would be pretty hard for you to go down to 0 all of a sudden. So, cut down slowly. Maybe choose one of either skin powder or foundation to start with. If you use eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara, cut down one of them first.

#4 Get professional help on your eyebrows


Nowadays, it is hard to skip the eyebrow pencil. To let that one go, you need symmetrical and healthy eyebrows. Spend some money on getting your eyebrows professionally threaded. If that doesn't work, you can even consider microblading or other permanent makeup options.

#5 Consider permanent makeup!


I can hear you say "Ummm... It isn't "no makeup" if I have permanent makeup on?"  Well, this can actually be the best way to feel good about your face permanently without worrying about the time it takes every day to make it look that way. You can at least get your signature make up item done for you -whether that be the eyelashes or the eyeliner.

#6 Get your eyebrows and eyelashes to be thicker.


Easy to say, but kind of challenging to get in real life. BUT it is possible. If you can commit to using serums and oils specially designed to help you get those long dark and full lashes you want. Believe me, in just a couple weeks you will see an undeniable change!

#7 Sleep well!


This is good for the bags under your eyes. And perfect for your skin health.

#8 Use non-makeup help!


Shiny and big eyes don't require makeup. Consider using eye drops for shine and eyelash curlers shaping your lashes. Also, just combing your eyebrows can make a huge difference!

#9 Drink lots of water!


We sometimes forget what a difference this one makes! So, find ways to remember. Consider setting up a reminder on your phone to help you remember to drink more water.

#10 Take care of your lips.


Brush them, apply peeling to them, and moisturize them. Vaseline can help you make them look moist and voluminous! If you still want some color, consider using tinted lip balms rather than lipsticks.

#11 Show off your white teeth!


You want a beautiful smile whether with makeup or not! With makeup, you can cheat a little by choosing lipstick colors that make your teeth look whiter. Without makeup, you can still use natural remedies to help your teeth or try a toothpaste that promises to extra whiten your teeth.

#12 Choose skin care products with a tint!


Many moisturizers and BB creams are tinted. A way to cut down on your makeup is to choose those products. Remember that they also have special under-eye BB creams you can try.

#13 Use glasses.


If you already need and use them, that's great. If not, maybe try to get some glasses to put on for style! It can add a lot to your face.

#14 Take good care of your hair!


Your hair is the accessory around your face! If your hair color makes your skin look pale, consider changing the color or adding some shine to it. With healthy hair, you can totally rock your makeup-free face!

#15 Pay attention to what you wear!


Try new everyday combinations that you feel comfortable in. When you like your clothes, you are more likely to smile and shine with all your beauty!! Don't say "What good are clothes when you don't have the make-up to go with it?" You will be surprised!

Good luck on your journey! 😍

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