15 Really Cool Hairstyles To Consider When Going Out!

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The summer is over, autumn is here and the winter is coming. It's really difficult to get out of our warm beds and go out in the cold weather. Plus, everybody has work, homework, a social life, and free time for themselves, so having super great hair is not easy all time time. In this list, we put together really easy hairstyles that you can do on your own and in just minutes.

1. Top knot half down


To achieve a half-up top knot with long hair, the secret is in the bobby pins. A finishing mist of hair spray and a quick tease along the lengths of her hair results in an effortless look for every day.

2. Twisted half-updo


This half-back hairdo looks extra-fancy but only takes a few minutes to create.

3. Wavy and free


Who says free hair is suitable for summer? A hairdo can sometimes look too much at school. But these waves look natural and are easy to make. Apply seawater spray to your hair, shape it with your hands, then dry it.

4. Good old curling tongs


Adding curls to any hairstyle automatically makes it feel more glamorous and well put together. Whether you have short or long hair, luscious curls can be added to any length and look extra gorgeous.

5. Dutch braids


The Dutch braid looks difficult to create, but it's actually fairly simple. To make a Dutch braid, grab a section of hair from the top of your head, separate it into three equal portions, and braid the portions under each other instead of weaving them over; as you progress down, introduce more hair from the rest of your head until you've included it all and reach the bottom. You can watch the video here:

How To: Double Dutch Braid

6. Top knot waves


This hairstyle is great for lazy people. Make a top knot before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning you'll have natural wavy hair. If you want to have more of a wavy hair, you can make more knots. Gather hair on top or your head in a high ponytail. twist and tie in a knot (if long enough - if not, make a tight bun) and loosely secure with a rubber band or bobby pins. When hair is dry, undo the knot/bun and voila…glossy and natural waves that hardly took any effort.

7. Ponytail


The ponytails that girls make are never like the celebrities'. Of course, they use a lot of things on their hair to achieve it but it is possible to have a cool ponytail.

8. Messy top knot


For an effortlessly chic style that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, try a relaxed bun that’s perfectly undone. This look is so simple that it’ll become your instant go-to, both in and out of the office.

9. Waves with a hair straightener


Create cool-girl bends in your hair by feeding your hair into the straightener in an "S" formation. Start by dropping the middle of a section of hair into a flat iron to create the first bend. Then, feed the piece in between the flat iron clamps in an "S" curve formation, clamping down on the shape to create the bends. Repeat to the ends.

10. Express tongs


If you have no time at all or are too lazy, it might be a good idea to have big hair tongs. You can separate your hair into two or three parts and use your tongs on it. It'll take 3 minutes of your time.

11. Hairstyles with headbands


When you have no time to wash or do your hair, your biggest savior is headbands. It saves the day even if it doesn't save your life.

12. Adding volume to hair


If you have short hair then you're really lucky. You can set your hair with a big hairbrush and add that volume to your hair.

13. On one side


This is really simple and interesting at the same time. Lay down your hair on one side and use hair grips to make it tight.

14. Hair grips


You can use hair grips to separate your hair on the sides. Or even better, you can have a small braid in front of your hair and apply the same style.

15. Fringe and forelock


If you don't like your face when you tie back all of your hair, a little change in your haircut, you can make every hairstyle look beautiful

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