15 Painful Reasons Why Break-Ups Are Hard AF!

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Break-ups not only destroy people emotionally, but they also bring many inconveniences in your daily life. Yes, it is difficult to go through a break up. If you are planning to break up with your significant other, here are 15 points for you to consider before you take action.

1. You have to get rid of your ex's stuff and the things they have given you: you forget something, and seeing it annoys the sh*t out of you.


If it was a long relationship, you might end up having nothing once you get rid of all the things related to your ex.

2. It might take a very long while for you to stop checking when your ex was last seen on WhatsApp.


3. You spend hours deleting the photos and on your computer or social media, i.e. everything that reminds you of your ex.


4. However, during those hours, you remember all the memories and can't help but think if you still love your ex.


5. You start looking for new songs because all the songs you have recently listened to are associated with your ex.


6. If you are a man, you have been taught to think that you should start chasing other women; and if you are a woman you are taught to think that you have to change your hair. That's tiring.


7. If you have many mutual friends, you become extra careful not to be in the same place as your ex. If one of you arrives, the other one has to leave.


8. Luckily, this situation where one has to leave doesn't last long. One by one, those mutual friends pick a side and stick with it.


9. Which brings the need and trouble of finding new friends to replace the ones that you have lost.


10. Everybody asks you why you two have broken up and you have to go over it again and again with all the details.


11. You might have to deal with the fact that every little thing reminds you of your ex for months.


12. After some time after the break up, you use your mutual friends' accounts to see what your ex has been up to, if they have a new bf/gf; if yes, whether they have already(!) broken up, as well.


13. And when you see your ex with somebody else, you realize that it is completely over and you try to forget about your ex and move on.


14. After this, you will have to dress up, go out there and look for a new relationship.


15. However, no matter how hard you try, if you have really loved your ex, you will carry him/her in the depths of your heart forever.

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