15 Moments You Need To Lie To Your Friends!


According to an article in Psychology Today, there are two kinds of lies: the lies that we tell with good intentions and the lies we tell for self interest.

We resort to the latter to make ourselves look better, or to protect ourselves from shame, punishment or getting hurt. We resort to the first kind of lies to make others feel good or to save them from shame, punishment or getting hurt. These are called white lies.

The research of Dr. Bella DePaulo shows that women tell more white lies. Honesty is, of course, important in every relationship, including friendships, but there are some situations where the only option is lying. For example:

1. When they leave the hair dresser with a horrible haircut.


Don't tell them their hair looks awful. There is no turning back or anything to do until their hair grows. Why upset them for nothing?

2. When they are dating somebody that you don't find suitable for them.


If your friend is dating somebody who treats them poorly and hurts them, you have to intervene and warn your friend. However, if they are together with somebody who is way uglier than them but makes them happy; just shut up and be happy for your friend.

3. When they ask "Do you think I have gained weight?"


If your friend gives zero f*cks about it, go ahead; but if your friend feels horrible because of the extra kilos they have gained, you should just say "No, I don't think you have."

4. When they ask "Does my acne look really bad?"


Your mission, at this point, is to make them feel good and to convince them that it doesn't look that bad. On their head, the acne looks way uglier than it normally does, so don't make it worse.

5. When they say "Look! I look sooooooo bad in this pic!"


Don't say "Nope, you look like you always do." Say, "Yes, it is funny because normally, you are very pretty. But, well, some people are just not photogenic..."

6. If you are going out and your friend is dressed really badly.


If your friend asks you how they look, don't tell the truth. It is probably too late to change. Don't make them feel bad; let them have fun.

7. Never approve of their bad words about their family.


This is one of the golden rules of friendship. No matter how horrible the words your friend utters about their family are, don't say "Yep, your mom is nuts." Your friend can talk sh*t about their family, but you can't.

8. Never tell them that they are a bad parent.


They might have a different opinion about raising their children, but as long as there is no abuse, keep that thought to yourself.

9. When you hear a rumor that can hurt your friend.


Let's say you heard that your friend is being cheated on from a not so reliable source. What do you do? You will do research and if you can't find any proof, you will keep it to yourself. It isn't worth upsetting your friend over a stupid rumor that you even can't tell if it is true or not.

10. When you think they are exaggerating....


You might find the way your friend talks about the coworker who leaves the microwave dirty a bit overkill. However, that is your friend, and you have to be on their side. If their coworker ruined their day, you pretend that coworker ruined your day, too.

11. When they perform badly.


Let's say your friend is doing a horrible stand-up. Although nobody else is laughing, you have to laugh your ass off. You are their biggest support.

12. When they have a very bad profile pic.

You will have to like it, even though you don't actually like it.

13. When they cry over their ex.


It has been 3 years since they got their heart broken and left, but they are still crying over them. Of course, they also know that they should have been over it by now; that's why you don't have to say it out loud. Just be there for them.

14. When you don't feel like going out.


You might have to lie by saying "I am sick" in order not to hurt your friend. They might take it personally if you just tell the truth. If that isn't the case, don't give them the wrong message.

15. When they ask questions about last night, when they were pissed drunk...


They puked on their crush, got undressed, danced on the table, called their ex and said how much they love them in tears... As long as your friend doesn't make a habit out of this, let them get over it and say "It wasn't that bad."

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