15 Luxuries Only Bugatti Veyron Owners Would Understand!


Only 400 of them exist, and each one costs at least 3 million dollars. We wanted to share how it would feel to have your very own Bugatti Veyron. You know, just for a moment!

1. Feeling the shivers on your body, caused by the almighty 1001 horsepower, 8.0 litres engine.

2. Reaching 0-60 in just under 3 seconds, and feeling the G-Force pushing you to the back of your seat.

3. The tickling sensation human bodies experience after reaching 250 mph on asphalt.

4. The mixed feeling you get knowing some of your rivals are airline companies.

5. The joy of burning down a full gas tank in just 12 minutes by going at the top speed.

6. The sweet and reassuring taste of going from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds.

7. The saddening truth about owning a car with maintenance that costs more than a private jet.

8. The satisfaction you get from owning a car capable of going head-to-head against a Euro Fighter Jet!

9. Paying over $6000 to have your tires changed. Oh my!

10. Knowing a one second air intake of your engine is equal to the needs of a human being for 11 days! *breathes heavily*

11. Driving a killer machine not every insurance company has the balls to fully insure!

12. The funny, strange stress you get knowing literally ALL eyes will be on you, anywhere you drive.

13. The smirk on your face when you know you can afford a 3 million dollar car.

14. The exclusivity of being the owner of a car only 400 people have.

15. The joy you get from knowing people won’t dare to ask “How fast does it go?” “Is it gas or diesel?” etc.

Bonus: The indefinable happiness you get from owning a car that looks just as it would today if it was a retro car.

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