15 Feelings Calm But Actually Furious People Know Well!


As you try to keep yourself calm against all the shitstorms going on around you, you still get very angry at times.

People might think of how calm you are and ask how you achieve that. If only they knew the massive fury storms inside you…

1. Even though people think you underreact to things, you actually feel more than most others. Just from within.

2. You never get why people are so keen on violence, and why they can’t just hold it in themselves.

3. You used to have a short temper, but with time, you realized it does no good.

4. You also realized that it’s useless to get mad about small things.

5. Sometimes you are so sick of arguing, you just say the other person is right so you can stop it.

6. You don’t like being around ignorant people. This is why you feel like being alone more often.

7. And when you are on your own, thinking about your life, you lose track of time.

8. When you want to redirect the energy inside you, you always find activities to keep you busy.

9. You don’t swear a lot, but if they could hear the things going on inside your head.... oh boy, they would be shocked!

10. You never see violence as a solution, but in your head, it’s the solution to everything.

11. When you are criticized about not being open, you just ignore and move on.

12. You have SO MUCH to say, that if you were to write it all down, you’d write book after book.

13. Your first and honest reaction is with your eyes. This is an option you use to describe your true feelings.

14. You always have an opinion. You just want to wait for the right time.

15. And, just when you think you had enough and are about to let it all out, you convince yourself it’s not worth it, after all…

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