15 Easy Hair Tricks To Up Your Volume Game!


When you just want that big hair you see on celebrities, but you can't seem to make it right! How do they do it? Here is a list of 15 easy tricks to give you the perfect big hair. You are welcome!

Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty...

1. Apply hair mousse in the size of an egg to your damp hair and blow dry it.

The mousse will bring some volume to your hair.

2. Use your fingers instead of a hair brush while blowdrying it.


Use your fingers like a hair brush. Don't forget to brush it upwards.

3. If your hair's always parted on one side, try parting in another direction.


If your hair is always towards your right side, try shaping it to the left. You can repeat this trick as your hair starts to go flat. You will notice the difference.

4. Apply conditioner before shampoo.


Using conditioner softens the hair and makes it easier to comb through. On the contrary, conditioner kills the volume. Try this trick if your hair loses its volume or shape quickly.

5. You can add an extra hair clip to your ponytail to make it look bigger.


As shown in the picture.

6. Or you can always double your ponytail to make your hair look fuller and longer!


7. Teasing your hair and hairspraying it afterwards can make miracles.


Take small pieces of hair and brush it in the reverse direction. Hairspray the roots. You will be surprised how much bigger your hair looks.

8. If you have flat hair, take small pieces of your hair, twist and secure it with bobbypins before bed.


You can say "I woke up like this!"

9. Another quick way to curl your hair!

Make a ponytail. Split it in two. Curl both sides with a curling iron. Let your hair down and brush through the curls with your hands just a little. Don't forget the hairspray!

10. You can use dry shampoo on your roots to volumize hair in an instant!


Its only purpose is not just to refresh unwashed hair.

11. While blow drying your hair, don't forget to tilt your head forward and blow dry it from that angle before finishing it.


12. Oh, and you can also apply makeup to your hair.


You can apply matching eyeshadow to your roots. This will make your hair look fuller.

13. You can make your braid bigger by pulling it from both sides with your fingers.


14. You can also use hairspray to shape your hair with your hands.


15. If these are not good enough for you, you can always go for hair extensions.


But don't forget, hair extensions are not healthy for long term use! They can hurt your hair.

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