14 Uh-Oh Moments Even Science Would Fail At Fixing!


We can hardly catch up with the innovations in the science world. We see another invention every day, and we don't have enough time to be astonished by them all. Recently, we were even able to successful in landing a spacecraft on a comet. But, as luck would (not) have it, we have so many troubles in everyday life, they cloud these fascinating developments in the science world.

And you thought you could easily tear that page out?

Is it really that hard? Is it seriously that hard to make it properly? We are about to move to Mars, but we can't tear a single piece of paper out of a notebook yet!

Backwards-bending book covers...

Alright, we do have hard-cover books, but it shouldn't be that hard to make a normal book cover as durable as hardbacks.

Opening foil packaging properly. If you can...

Why god why?!

Folding doors that work without trouble...

This one is literally a patience test. Either you just don't make them, or make them painless!


If you can't make these exists, then clean the regular ones out before you sell them.  No one needs this kind of negativity in their life.

Properly matching binder clips!

If you can't put two clips together right, no need to colonize Uranus, huh?!

Easy-hanging curtain rod.

Are you guys nuts or what? Find a way to do it!

Silent drill.

The person who figured this one out already made a fortune. Who cares if it works as intended!

Durable zippers...

Whoa! Zippers are still in the same form as they were created in the first place. Why don't you do some research and development on the subject?

Proper toilet seats...

How hard could it be to make the hinges and screws stronger?

Something - anything - that gets rid of moquitos

The repellents on the market are all big fat lies! I saw a mosquito on a bottle of once. Not being repelled, but lodging...

Easy-cleaning, or at least stain-free grout...

Our species is advancing enough to fill our tile walls with grout pens. Why can't anyone find a new and better way to wipe it clean, or better yet, keep it from staining?  You guys all go to Mars...



Cancelling a sent text.

We can now shoot a feature-length movie with our phones, but we still can't cancel a text we sent accidentally. Bravo to you!

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