14 Noteworthy Facts You Should Know About Guys Who Have Future Anxiety!


A certain feeling occupies a big part of our lives. For some, it’s planning your future, for some others it’s about making the most of today, now. Some guys experience this deeply but again, some don’t. 

If you have someone who is confident about future, that is great and you should hold on to them maybe. But some of us don’t have that and we want to show our support to them!

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1. You constantly feel like you have to comfort him, understand him.

2. And it is actually quite tiring and you’re not even aware of it.

3. The endless negative attitude and state effects you and your relationship in the end.

4. It has reached the point where you started to have fun on your own. You can’t tolerate it anymore.

5. You hate the fact that all your talks, arguments evolve around the same subject and it’s a vicious cycle.

6. You don’t like they always plan their future and you feel like you are not included in it.

7. They say they can handle it on their own and sometimes ask you to leave them alone.

8. They think you see less of them and feel pitiful. But in truth, you don’t and they can’t understand that.

9. You feel guilty at times and you think you had a lot to do with it.

10. You want to go out, have fun, see a movie but it’s never the time. You need to sort the future first.

11. You are now trying to figure out if this is just a worry or disorder. What if he is a negative person overall?

12. And if you are experiencing this when you are in college, bad news! It won’t go away easily.

13. You want to end it sometimes. Is this how you want to spend your years?

14. You wonder if they will be on board with everything if you ever get married.

Bonus – It’s hard to handle this situation and we have so much respect for people who are doing their best to handle it. We hope you two can work it out soon!

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