14 Situations That Only Women With Small Boobs Can Understand!


Ladies with small boobs will relate!

1. Wearing trapless tops? It's IMPOSSIBLE!

2. People telling you, "Don't worry, when you get pregnant they'll get bigger for a while."

3. Cleavage? Yeah, not a part of your vocabulary.

4. Sagging: not an issue in your immediate future. Yes!

5. That awful middle school/high school phase where you thought it was necessary to stuff.

6. The horror of wearing these horrible things:

7. Going braless isn't as easy as our bigger-boobed counterparts may think it is.

You will need nip coverage and shaping, or else it'll look like a bird's-eye view of two tents being pitched inside your shirt.

8. Having to buy a size small bikini top but a medium/large bottom.

9. Worrying that your new bedroom partner is going to be disappointed about your super push-up bra.

10. Trying on a bra called "nearly A" and having it fit perfectly.

11. Realizing that when some guys talk about how they like girls with "smaller boobs," they really mean, like, a C cup.

12. But bandeaus? Under muscle tees? Hell yeah!

13. When larger-chested ladies tell you you're "soooo lucky" you don't have to deal with back pain:

14. Secretly wondering if your breasts are even big enough to function as a sustenance provider for your future children.

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