14 Reasons Why It's Important To Turn Down Men!


We are free whenever we have enough courage to be able to say “f*ck you” to a man.

I just want to approach someone destroying herself for a man, and just say “f*ck him.” You should do the same.

1. Because men think they’re at the center of control, and once they stop, the whole relationship will stop too. That’s not the truth, you have to show him!

2. This applies to everyone, not just a man. You don’t have to suffer for anyone. Seriously, why would you want to keep someone who’s not making you happy in your life?


3. “I gave too much effort, I did so much for him.” So what? Your whole life is going to continue like this? F*ck that!

4. Do you really still believe you can change someone? Just open your eyes, we’re not in a romantic comedy movie.

5. If you spoil a man, he’s not going to go back to normal again and live a life like he’s any other man. This is an international rule. He's spoiled? F*ck him!

6. You don’t need anyone to be happy. No one is irreplaceable. You deserve to be happy. Why would you burst into tears when you’re trying to get something you already deserve?

7. You have the power, it’s the woman guiding every relationship. Believe me, you can build up another relationship that can make you happy. Enough with this!

8. Once he understands he can control you, he’ll keep doing the same. Don’t let him control you. Can’t handle it? F*ck it, let it go!

9. You don’t need to devote yourself to someone else’s happiness. If he’s not giving you anything back, don’t wait a single moment. F*ck him!

10. “He forgot my birthday, it won’t happen again. He cheated on me, he won’t do it again. He’s not into me as much anymore, we’ll be fine though.” None of this is going to happen. F*ck that and move on!

11. “He’s not that kind of a guy.” You know what? He is totally that type of guy, you just don’t want to accept it! F*ck it, let it go.

12. There’s no difference between men and women; you need to become one. If not, you know what you should do!

13. When he deserves it, it’s important to be able to say “f*ck this” and move on. It’s a must for your happiness in the future.

14. Don’t fool yourself, waste time or put forth too much effort. Don’t wait for him to become the man you want. You’ll see how awesome the feeling is to say “f*ck you” to a man who deserves it!

Last night, I approached a stranger and whispered “f*ck him” into her ear, just because she was crying over a man.

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