14 Puzzling Facts About Cockroaches You Should Hear!


Let us introduce you cockroaches, who have been able to survive for almost 300 million years, no matter how hard the conditions. Maybe humans are not that perfect or superior after all, don’t you think?

1. It was observed that American cockroaches are very fond of booze.


They seem to relish the alcohol-glucose mix.

2. They can live for a week without their heads.


Cockroaches have segmented bodies with tiny little holes that allow the oxygen to be absorbed. In other words, they do not need a head to breathe. But after a while, they die of dehydration since they lose their mouths with their heads. Other vital organs are located in their abdomen anyway.

3. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes.


They can live without food for about one month by slowing down their metabolisms. But water is the top priority for them to survive, so they know how to hold their breath in order to be able to regulate their loss of water.

4. They can live in narrower places than their own bodies.


Cockroaches are thigmotropic. This means they feel solid surfaces with their bodies. This makes it possible for them to crawl into narrow places to settle.

5. In many countries, cockroaches are consumed as nutritional sources and there are even farms to grow them.


The growing demand for cockroaches in China attracted the investors to establish facilities. Also, the granulated form of cockroaches is being used by the cosmetic industry in addition to nutritional purposes.

6. And there is more: Cockroach eating contests are being staged.


In the USA, a contestor named Edward Archbold died right after the contest in 2012. Some say he choked, others believe he had allergies.

7. They can also eat your food!


Cockroaches are omnivores. They can digest dead insects, paper, fabric, soap, wood, meat, and desserts with starch in them. They'd also like to share your beer, if you don’t mind :)

8. They can tolerate high levels of radiation.


One of the reasons cockroaches have been able to survive for 300 million years is that they have incredible survival skills. Scientists believe that this strength takes its source from their slow cell cycle.

9. They live in groups.


If you come across a cockroach, you should know that there must be more of them around. They contact each other with the pheromones released from their bodies. This chemical communication is activated especially when a nutrition source is approached.

10. For some female cockroaches, one single coitus is enough for a lifetime.


Female cockroaches can preserve enough sperm for a lifetime after one single coitus. Moreover, it is believed that some females can reproduce without males under very hard conditions.

11. Some people keep them as pets.


Since they are not such high-maintenance animals and are quite scentless, cockroaches are some people’s pet of choice. Besides, they eat almost anything, so there’s no need to worry about what to feed them. But still, you may want to give it a second thought since they can carry many sorts of diseases.

12. They have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria inside their bodies.


These bacteria are transmitted from the mother to the larvae. Bacteria inhabits the adipose tissue of the cockroaches and provides them the vital amino acids and vitamins in return.

13. They can move at speeds of more than 3 miles per hour.


Cockroaches sense the changes in the airflow with the tiny little hairs on their bodies and run away instantly. Their legs move at the speed of 27 times per second.

14. They are older than even dinosaurs.


Modern cockroaches were first spawned 200 billion years ago, and it is believed that the primitives emerged 300 billion years ago in the Carboniferous Period. That is to say, they existed even before dinosaurs emerged in the Jurassic Period, and they still do!

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