14 Moments Everbody In The World Go Through When Pooping!


Pooping. We all do it. Even the woman or the man of your dreams is doing it. It's a fact. Though it's a natural process, it's not as easy to do as it sounds. I mean sometimes the circumstances take this sweet, natural thing to a whole different level. I'm sure most of you have experienced at least one of these moments. Here we are with the most uncomfortabla moments of pooping:

1. When you thought public pooping couldn't get any worse:

2. When you're stuck between shit and a hard place:

3. When you have to multitask to make sure all assignments are met:

4. When you have to take a dump at the most inopportune moment:

5. When you're trying to be stealthy:

6. When the toilet water splashing back at you causes a near-death experience:

7. When you have to take really light steps to not disrupt your stomach before pooping:

8. Or when you have to go on one of the most uncomfortable walks of your adult life after pooping:

9. When you have to dig down deep and give it all you got. 😅

10. You thought it finished, didn't you?

11. When you're SUPER manly but but still want to feel baby fresh:

12. When you can't decide between pooping or potentially losing your privacy:

13. When your worst fear of pooping at someone's place comes true:

14. Finally, when you relate to the phrase "There's no place like home" on a spiritual level:

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