14 Kernels And Seeds Perfect For Detoxing And Losing Weight!


Well, many of us have tried lots of things to lose weight, and these include ridiculous things, as well. Nothing has been able to help us quite in the way that we wish. These seeds and kernels, however, will help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and giving you a feeling of satiety; when used correctly. 

Don't throw kernels and seeds away, because they are way more useful than you think! But don't over do it to reach your goals faster or else you may experience negative results. They are only helpful when consumed in right amounts.

*Pregnant women and those who suffer from chronic diseases must refer to their doctor first.

1. Acai seed


It supports bowel movements and tightens one's body. It is advised that you take some half an hour before your meal with warm water.

2. Chia seeds


Chia seeds, which are known as protein bars, can be consumed in different ways. You can mix them in puddings and juices as these seeds have many health benefits.

3. Flaxseed


Flaxseed is very rich in fiber, which makes them great helpers when it comes to speeding up bowel movements and digestion. Before going to bed, you can have two teaspoons of flaxseed with two glasses of water.

4. Black cumin seed


These seeds give you a feeling of satiety and therefore cause you to eat less.Take one teaspoon full of black cumin seeds one hour before your meal with water.

5. Cress seed


Cress seed accelerates metabolism and facilitates weight loss. Mix one dessert spoon of cress seeds with two teaspoons of honey and have a cup of mild water after eating the mixture.

6. Cumin


One teaspoon of cumin a day speeds up metabolism and aids weight loss.

7. Black mustard seed


Black mustard seed helps in regulating metabolism and decreases fat in the body. Add a quarter teaspoon of black mustard seeds to a glass of warm water for 20 days right after you get up in the morning.

8. Juniper seed


Juniper seed boosts metabolism and burns fat, but if used excessively can damage kidneys. You can mix 20 grams of juniper seeds with 20 grams of rosemary (optional), boil them and add honey if you want.

9. Rosemary seed


Rosemary seeds are very good fat solvents and they stimulate stomach and bowels.

10. Olive kernel


If you swallow one olive kernel daily, it accelerates fat burning and helps with weight loss. If used excessively, it can cause your appendix to burst. Be careful.

11. Pumpkin seeds


You can speed up your weight loss by consuming a handful of pumpkin seeds everyday day. You can also add them to your salad!

12. Green coffee seed


You can make coffee with them and consume it half an hour before your meal.

13. Pomegranate seeds


Thanks to its diuretic effect you can get rid of your toxins. You can pulverize them and add one teaspoon of this powder with tea. You can consume the powder with a dessert spoon of honey.

14. Watermelon seed

It ensures a carb balance in your body and speeds up your metabolism. You can dry and pulverize them.

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