14 Highly Useful Facts About "The Zones"...


The G- spot is probably the most mysterious and interesting thing about the human body.

It seems like it’s going to keep its position with its recognition as the quickest way to have an orgasm and its direct relationship with sex.

Let's find out the things you should know about the G-spot!!

1. Its discovery

In 1950, the G-Spot was first mentioned as a sensitive area on the front vaginal wall in a magazine article by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg.

2. It makes females orgasm faster during intercourse

Capillary vessels make the area more sensitive than the interior vagina, which helps women to orgasm easier and faster when stimulated.

3. What you need to do is simple

Try to use your forefinger and middle finger to help your partner get ultimate pleasure. Apply pressure in an upward direction.

4. You can find the G-spot

Focus on the top of the front vaginal wall and start to apply pressure rhythmically. Then, you will be able to guess the place of the G-spot and can tell how much pleasure your partner is getting by observation.

5. Orgasm is inevitable with the right moves

According to sex therapists, starting with rhythmic and pulsed pressures and continuing by adding some little circular movements are the right moves to find the g-spot and to give your partner an orgasm.

6. The G-Spot manifests itself when it gets stimulated

Once it gets stimulated, it quickly gets bigger and shows its spot. So foreplay is very important in order to make the g-spot show itself.

7. It may feel like you might urinate before orgasm

If the G-spot gets stimulated continuously during intercourse, it causes a feeling of needing to urinate, and then results with an orgasm when continued.

8. The pathway to an incredible orgasm…

Unlike clitoral orgasms, orgasms resulting from the G-spot are felt more intensely in the lower body. It’s a pleasure that can’t be felt in any other way.

9. Some sex positions are just right to stimulate the G-spot

The position is also very important for stimulating the G-spot. Especially when the woman is on top.

10. Some are unaware of it’s existence

According to research, 55% of men never can find their partner’s g-spot and 36% of them don't even know what a G-spot is.

11. The G-spot is not everything

While it’s not possible to give an orgasm to a woman just by stimulating the G-spot without any other sexual arousal, a woman can reach orgasm just by imagining, without any finger stimulation.

12. The G-spot is not something special for women; men have it too

The male g-spot is close to their prostate. Its difficult to find both, but finding the male g-spot is easier compared to the female's.

13. The g-spot doesn't even exist according to some scientists

Many scientists argue that the G-spot doesn’t exist, and it’s just a part of the clitoris that we can't see.

14. The most important sex organ is actually our brain

Beyond all these, according to sex therapists, “the biggest and the most important” sexual organ is our brain. The G-spot can actually be found in the conversations before sex, when feeling each other’s breath and in little, meaningful touches.

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