14 Facts To Consider Before Talking About "That Guy She's With"...


All of us would take a second look when we see a guy going out with a beautiful girl way out of his league. Aha! All you judgmental people just got caught! Jokes aside, we should all learn to see what's hidden underneath the surface. Sometimes, it's not just the cover of a book but all the things hidden inside...

1. Don't look all so surprised! Women tend to look for manners, behavior and overall attitude before your bad hair day look.

2. This guy's only disadvantage is quite obvious and again obviously, he covers it with his success in all other areas.

3. Women need trustworthy and reliable guys in their life and their relationships. And here we see that comforting embrace perfectly.


4. You should think twice before putting money into the equation. On the contrary, many women do NOT seek out rich men in the first place.

5. You may think "He must be great in bed." and he may not be. But do you think people would go out just to do it?! I mean come on, we have all those apps for it now!

6. The expression "inner beauty" reveals itself perfectly here.

7. The ever beautiful J-Lo and her husband Marc Anthony is another example when it comes to pure, inner, real beauty and getting along with your other half.

8. It is priceless for a woman to feel comfortable in a relationship and these guys are pretty good at make each other feel that way.

9. Passion is a relative term and usually guys lose their passion after a while. Not in this case obviously!

10. Women like strong men, who can lead their life on their own. Men who make their own decisions, acts brave and fearless. Just like these guys probably!

11. The main reason women are prettier is something completely dictated by the society itself!

The obligation of women taking extra care of their appearance, and the well-groomed lady image exposed by media, etc. are forcing women to look pretty while it doesn’t have such effect on men. Naturally, women look much prettier than men, and that is actually not by their own choice! It is kind of an obligation.

12. Women know what they want from a relationship very well, and we can say that this guys completely fulfills her expectations!

13. Women see men as husbands, father of their children and a part of their family, and instead of his good looks, they care a lot more about all these roles and he can sort them out!

That is to say the probability of this guy getting along with children well, being caring and knowing about housework is quite high.

Bottom line is, once again, don't judge a book by its cover!!!

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