14 Extremely Useful Tips For Pokémon Go


Pokémon GO is a special app that makes us leave home and play in the streets!! So we collected very useful tips for you to make it more fun!!

We also want to see your tips in the comments!!  🙌🙌

1. They're nearby...

You can see how close Pokémon are by clicking the icon on the bottom-right of the screen. It’s possible to see the silhouettes of the closest Pokémon by touching this icon!

2. Hey you! Get back here...

Hey you! Get back here...
Hey you! Get back here...

It’s possible to throw the Poké ball better by spinning it around itself so you can gain more points!!

3. The circle of life...

Be sure to touch and hold the ball and see the green circle around the Pokémon if you don’t want to waste your Poké balls. The chance to catch a Pokémon increase as the circle gets smaller.

4. Things slowly get harder!

When you see a Pokémon surrounded by a yellow circle, it means you’re facing one that is strong and hard to catch. This kind of a Pokémon can throw your ball back or can get out of the ball when you think you actually caught him!

5. Keep leveling up for awesome bonuses!

As you move to higher levels, you will have the chance to win Razz Berries and Ultra or Master versions of the Poké balls that will make it easier to catch Pokémon.

6. Spray up!

If you have time, you can use ‘incense’ to give off a smell that attracts Pokémon. Every player starts the game with 2 ‘incenses’ in their backpacks that attract Pokémon for 30 minutes.

7. Technology works in mysterious ways!

Instead of spending money to buy new incenses, you can go to a Pokéstop and use a Lure to attract Pokémon. These modules will work for everyone who is around the Pokéstop.

8. Stop stacking the same Pokémons. Give them to the Professor!

You can obtain the candy you need to evolve your Pokémon by transferring a low-powered Pokémon to the Professor.

9. Eggs gotta hatch!

When you find eggs on Pokéstops, don’t forget to put them in an incubator. You can only fit one egg into the incubator you have in your backpack, and as you walk a certain distance, the egg will hatch prizes like a new Pokémon or a candy.

10. Walk the egg!

Eggs require different walking distances and the amount of distance they need shows their rarity. An egg that requires 10 km of walking is more rare than the one that requires 5 km. 10 km one will bring bigger prizes.

Which means, we have to walk. 😬

11. Ash to ash, dust to dust!

It’s more possible to find Pokémon close to their natural habitat. It’s easier to find water- type Pokémon near lakes and coasts.

12. Stop wasting battery life and get the Pokémon to the center of your screen!

It’s possible to turn off the camera when you’re catching Pokémon.

13. Be sure to check the Settings menu.

If the application is killing your battery, you can go to the settings menu and adjust it to work only when you actually use it.

14. Make sure you capture important moments!

Make sure you capture important moments!
Make sure you capture important moments!

You can also take perfect timed photos or pose right next to them! How cute!!

Enjoy catching your Pokemons!!!🙋🙋

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