Character Feature: Tighnari "The Lush Verdure"

etiket Character Feature: Tighnari "The Lush Verdure"

Pauline Nicole Sael
September 06 2022 - 03:54pm

Tighnari is a new 5-Star Dendro character introduced in the 3.0 update, along with the 4-Star character Collei and the Sumeru region. During Phase 1 of version 3.0, the young woodland watcher is featured as the boosted 5-Star character in the Viridescent Vigil Banner, but will be moved to the Standard Banner, Wanderlust Invocation, as a potential pull in version 3.1.

It's useful to understand the greatest Tighnari build in Genshin Impact, including his finest Artifacts and team composition. It's also useful to know what his Constellation benefits are, as well as what Talent and Ascension materials are required to fully level Tighnari.

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Collected Miscellany - "Tighnari: Lush Verdure" | Genshin Impact

How to Use Tighnari in Story Quest

Tighnari isn't a must-pull character, but he's the only choice for those looking to create a team around a Dendro primary DPS. Tighnari is now in a peculiar position in the Dendro meta, as both Collei and the Traveler are better as supports. Don't worry, though, because he'll be added to the standard character banner in version 3.1.

Tighnari has a relatively unique playstyle in Genshin Impact, but you must construct a good team around him and switch to them frequently to get the most out of employing Tighnari in your team mix.

Tighnari's purpose with his Elemental Burst and Skill is to apply Dendro to foes, then fire off three Level 2 charged attacks after his skill has been triggered, as this will minimize the time it takes to charge to Level 2. Then, swap to party members that can use skills and bursts that react with Dendro and inflict more damage, before returning to Tighnari to unleash his burst and skill.

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Use this rotation as often as possible to get the most damage out of teams that contain Tighnari.

Any free time you have should be spent aiming with Tighnari's bow and unleashing Level 2 charged attacks. Alternatively, if you have someone on your team who has higher DPS when using standard attacks, swap to them. This isn't usually the case unless you're just utilizing Tighnari as a character to apply Dendro responses to instead of your main DPS dealer.

Tighnari: List of Abilities, Weapons, and Artifacts + Best Team Composition

Elemental Skill - Vijnana-Phala Mine

Tighnari throws a Vijnana Stormheart in front of him, dealing AoE Dendro damage and teasing foes into the region of effect.

Using this skill also reduces the charge time of Tighnari's unique Wreath Arrow targeted shot by 2.4 seconds, which is why he should use his Elemental Skill before firing any charged bullets. This effect will terminate when either the Vijnana Stormheart or Tighnari shoots three fully charged shots.

Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft - Elemental Burst

Tighnari launches six Tanglevine Shaft arrows at foes, doing Dendro damage. When these special arrows strike an enemy, they will create a new wave of Tanglevine Shafts.

Passive Skills

After firing a fully charged Wreath Arrow, Tighnari's Keen Sight Talent improves his Elemental Mastery stat by 50 for four seconds. It's a simple but effective buff that may be readily used, especially after utilizing his Elemental Skill.

Tighnari's charged attack and Elemental Burst damage are increased by 0.06% for every point of Elemental Mastery he holds. This damage bonus, however, cannot exceed 60%.

Tighnari's best weapon in Genshin Impact is his signature weapon, the 5-Star Hunter's Path. It greatly increases his elemental and charged attack damage, as well as his crit rate, which only improves with refinement.

If you don't want to pull for Hunter's Path, there are several alternative 5-Star bows that can fill in for it, most notably the Polar Star and Aqua Simulacra - but there are many 5-Star bow options that can fill in for Hunter's Path. Examine the descriptions of your 5-Star bows to determine which one best complements your playstyle and team composition as your personal ideal replacement.

Tighnari's greatest 4-Star weapon is the Prototype Crescent, with the 3-Star Slingshot actually being a viable alternative if you change your playstyle and attack very close to adversaries instead of hanging back.

Slingshot is a three-star bow that most players should be able to obtain simply by opening chests across the open world. Although it may not appear to be optimal, the Crit Rate boost and extra damage might mount up if Tighnari launches arrows from close range to avoid the 10% penalty.

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Gilded Dreams

Elemental Mastery is increased by 80 points with this two-piece set.

Four-Piece Set: The character wearing this will receive benefits based on the elemental type of the other party members within eight seconds of generating an elemental reaction. Every party member with the same elemental type as the user gains 14% ATK, while every party member with a different elemental type gains 50 Elemental Mastery. This effect is limited to three other characters and can only be used once per eight seconds. When the user is not on the field, the effect can still be triggered.

Gilded Dreams is a brand-new artifact collection that appears to have been designed specifically for Tighnari's play style. If your team is diversified, it has the potential to deliver a significant Elemental Mastery stat boost. And given that there are only two other Dendro alternatives for teammates, that shouldn't be an issue.

Wanderer's Troupe

Elemental Mastery is increased by 80 points with this two-piece set. If the character utilizes a bow or catalyst, this four-piece set increases charged attack damage by 35%.

Wanderer's Troupe is more simpler, but it still offers a decent Elemental Mastery benefit while also increasing Tighnari's charged shots—bow strikes that he'll be employing frequently.

Tighnari thrives among groups who share Dendro elemental reactions. Because of the numerous reaction options, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro characters complement Tighnari. Tighnari, who has a high Elemental Mastery stat, will do incredible damage alongside other characters who rely on elemental damage, like Fischl. Fischl is the ideal character to utilize with Tighnari since she can continually trigger Electro reactions and generate a lot of Energy.

However, keep in mind that Cryo, Anemo, and Geo have no effect on Dendro, despite the fact that Anemo can be used to swirl the elements of other teammates.

With this in mind, if you want to use Tighnari's DPS and Dendro application capabilities, we have created what we believe to be the greatest Tighnari build in Genshin Impact:

  • Tighnari's Greatest Weapon: Hunter's Path (or the Prototype Crescent as a 4-Star option).

  • Tighnari's Best Artifacts: If no one else has it, four-piece Deepwood Memories, else four-piece Gilded Dreams or Wanderer's Troupe.

  • Tighnari's ideal team composition is an Electro or Hydro support (such as Fischl or Mona), an Anemo support for swirl (such as Kazuha or Sucrose), and an Electro or Hydro healer (like Kokomi or Kuki Shinobu).

It may take some time to obtain these Artifacts and materials in order to fully level Tighnari, but the effort will be worthwhile if you desire a 5-Star with Dendro application potential and a distinct playstyle.

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