13 Types Of People We’re Secretly Jealous Of!


We all have people around us who are so good at something it’s irritating. I know it kind of sounds cruel, but is it, really? What they are good at is not always at the service of humanity anyway. You wouldn’t even like to be like most of them. But I know there are things about them you’re secretly jealous of. Here they are:

1. People who are extremely carefree.


They’re always light-hearted and happy. They don’t even care about most of the things that make you utterly stressed. You look at them and just wonder: How? How is it even possible?

2. People who were born into rich families.


They already have many of the things you’ve been dreaming about and they didn’t work for them even for a day. Either you’ll be saving money for years to afford them, or you should better have a really good idea how to become rich in a short time.

3. People who always look gorgeous.


This one takes time and effort. They’re always self-conscious about their body and looks. You wear that scrappy t-shirt to the local market, they don’t. You don’t have time for a full makeup at 6 in the morning. I don’t know how, but they do.

4. Those who always put themselves first.


I could’ve just said “selfish people”, but no. The right phrase is “they put themselves first” because they do it in a very manipulative way you that don't even realize what’s going on. You just stand there and admire them for knowing what’s best for them. You wish you knew too, right? Guess what: most people know what’s best for them too. They're just not as selfish as others.

5. People who have a very deep, powerful voice.

They are hot, and people tend to take them more seriously. But I suspect that it has something to do with sexism. Yes, research shows that female anchors, for example, try to have a deep powerful voice to be taken more seriously (in other words, to sound more like men), and remember all the documentaries with a “voice of god” in the background. See? It’s all about society’s expectations.

6. People who have a very high alcohol tolerance.


We can’t get out of bed the next day, while they’re already on the way to pub again. It’s almost like they don’t even know what a hangover is all about. I know at least once you wanted to punch one of them right in the face. You were wasted anyway, nobody would judge you.

7. People who have an exceptional memory.


Especially if they never forget people’s names or faces, we get jealous af. There’s no need to mention how successful they can be in other areas…

8. People who are loved by EVERYONE.


They have the whole package. They’re smart, good-looking, fun, you name it. You love them too. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’re jealous as hell.

9. People who can be very energetic even when they sleep less than 4 hours.


It is a scientific fact that they are more productive than others. And it’s not because of coffee. Or maybe it is. I really don’t know.

10. People who pass their exams without studying properly.


While you buckle down and bust your ass for a whole week, they get a B or B- after studying only a couple of hours just before the exam.

11. Lucky people!


You didn’t believe in luck until you met them, did you? You didn’t used to believe in things like “being in the right place at the right time,” instead you always thought that everyone creates their own luck. Well, if you STILL don’t believe, just go back to #2 on this list.

12. People who actually like studying.


They never miss classes, always take notes, and study every day. School for them is like what getting wasted on every Saturday night is to freshman.

13. And of course, people who eat a lot and stay thin.


No one ever knows what happens to food in their body. You, on the other hand, have to be careful breathing around a chocolate bar.

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