13 Tips To Avoid A Mess And Be More Efficient In The Kitchen


Here are 13 tips that will help you keep your kitchen cleaner on a daily basis with less work, and probably make you a little happier in the process!

1. Do not forget to dip cupcake spoons while baking cupcakes.

You take a spoon then another one just to clean the first! Here is the reason for the mess. You can avoid it simply by dipping the spoon you use while filling cupcake tin.

2. Don't be impatient to soften the butter.

Take a wide drinking glass or glass bowl, fill with water, and microwave for about 2 minutes until it is quite warm. Pour the liquid out and place the (now hot) glass container over the butter on a plate. In about 5 minutes, the butter will be softened for whatever purpose you need.

3. Seems like it is not well known how to fill a pastry bag.

Place the bag in a glass instead of holding it with one hand while filling with another.

4. Wrong oil for the cakes.


Instead of using oil, try butter to have fluffy cakes.

5. Extra dough = Extra Stress

You do not have to use that extra dough for the cookies. Just toss it in the freezer and keep it for up to 3-4 months.

6. Less oil does not mean better cake

Instead of lessening the oil in the cake and have a worse texture; go for healthier oils and even using avocado can surprise you a lot!

7. How to keep cookies fresh is not always popping up in our minds.

Keep cookies in a closed jar or box and keep them fresh longer.

8. Keeping brown sugar soft is not always easy.

Keep brown sugar soft and nice with placing them with one or two marshmallows in the same jar.

9. We do not really consider food waste.

Grate the burned cake pieces and re-use them in other recipes.

10. Rolling pins are not the only way.

A tin foil roll or a bottle can serve for the same reason.

11. Lack of a mixer is not a reason to stop.

Especially for making creme or milk mousse, just put all ingredients in a jar, close and shake it.

12. Lemons have more juice than you think.

If you first leave a lemon at room temperature, you'll get more juice.

13. Too lazy to sift.

When it comes to sifting flour, you should know that it is the secret to creating light and fluffy cakes or cookie. So do not skip it.

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