13 Things You Should Stop Doing To Live Happier!


Happiness is not always a given. It's a feeling rather earned as a result of the things you have/have not done. And it's so much easier to indulge in sadness, whilst you need to make effort to maintain happiness. If you don't know what you should do to be happy, you can start with getting rid of the habits making you unhappy.

1. Hanging out with wrong friends.

Get rid of toxic, negative, unsupportive, judgemental people who are not worth your time. Make room for friends who actually make you happy

2. Focusing on results, rather than being process-oriented.

Instead of making a big deal about your goals and suffering on the way to reach them, try to enjoy the process itself. Otherwise, you can never be happy.

3. Evolving your life around money!

Money should be just a tool. You don't live FOR money, you live off that money. Stop making yourself unhappy because of some bucks.

4. Forgetting what we already have and focusing on what we want.

This is one of the most common mistakes: Never appreciating what we've already got!

5. Comparing yourself with others.

How can you be jealous  of someone, just because you think their Facebook profile looks cooler than yours? Some people try so hard to see something to get unhappy. Learn how to be happy the way you are.

6. Holding grudges...

You are not aware but grudge is a silent enemy of your soul. Don't let this poisonous feeling take roots inside you and clean your mind of it.

7. Worrying too much about your future plans.

You can't keep living with a constant anxiety in your mind about the future. Try to enjoy your journey.

8. Criticizing yourself harshly!

When it comes to self criticism, you as harsh and cruel as a human being can get! Have some mercy on yourself! Remember, nobody's perfect!

9. Living with constant stress.

Work, school or even home, life is stressful; but you need to learn how to manage it. Even hard-steel bends under constant pressure! Don't do this to yourself.

10. Being nice to everyone!

Maybe you are so nice and everyone likes you; but you are actually dying inside! Enough with compromises, perfect manners or saying yes to everyone. It should be your wishes and your thoughts leading your life.

11. Trying to do EVERYTHING on your own!

Humans are not solitary creatures, our nature is rather social. Let them help you or go talk with people, share something, ask for some help, let them touch your life!

12. Spending so much time planning every single detail.

This obsession with details and knowing every single step is exhausting. You need to be open to surprises.

13. Always complaining about life...

Because only your life sucks,  and everyone but you lives problem-free perfect lives... Stop being childish and take the control of your life back, see what you are doing wrong and stop doing them. More importantly, quit whining now!

Or maybe you need excuses to be unhappy!?

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