13 Things You Keep Doing Even If You Promised Not To!

> 13 Things You Keep Doing Even If You Promised Not To!

You’ll make the same mistakes again, so don’t stress yourself. Life is about learning from our past experiences and moving forward!

1. Falling in love again.

You’ll tell yourself that you won’t fall in love again, but you will. It’s going to happen.

2. Trusting people once again.

You’ll get disappointed and stop trusting people, but it won’t last long. You’ll make the same mistake again.

3. Starting to smoke again.

You’ll think you really did quit smoking, but you’ll find that cigarette in the middle of your fingers again.

4. Falling off your diet.

You’ll start with a huge amount of determination, but you’ll fall off from from it on day one.

5. Night time snacks

You’ll continue eating while regretting it at the same time, as if they taste better at night.

6. Promising yourself you won't drink that much again, and getting drunk the next day.

You’ll promise yourself once again when you wake up with a hangover. Then you’ll promise once again when you wake up with a hangover. Then you’ll…

7. Start the semester by promising yourself to get good grades, but you wont study at the end.

You’ll make yourself believe that you’ll study daily and then nothing will go as you planned.

8. Hanging out before midterms.

After you get your grades, you’ll wish you studied more because the test was easy. Then you’ll see you don’t regret anything in the next midterms.

9. Staying up all night on weekdays.

You’ll decide not to sleep at all, since it’s already too late. But when it’s time for

school or work, you’ll understand you made a bad decision. Every time.

10. Keep telling lies.

Even if you get caught, you'll still tell those lies because you'll need to.

11. Forgiving someone you think you’ll never forgive.

Even though you say you won’t, you'll forgive them because you love them. Then that person will make the same mistake. And it'll go on.

12. Reactivating the social media accounts you deactivated.

We can’t do anything about it, we’re slaves to social media and the internet. We reactivate them just to see what’s happening.

13. Planning to do things on time and then postponing them again.

You’ll intend to be someone who does things on time, but then you’ll postpone them again as much as you can.