13 Things To Consider In Long-Distrance Relationships

> 13 Things To Consider In Long-Distrance Relationships

Most of us are probably going though, or have went though, a long-distance relationship. Well then, is it really possible to work it out? How will it end? What is waiting for us? Here is a 13-item list to take a closer look at the long-distance relationship.

1. Forming a friendship with your phone.

You should switch to a network that has unlimited minutes and texts for the cheapest price.

2. How far can a bus-seat be reclined?

Even if it is a 'long-distance' relationship, you'll still want to see each other, so force yourself to start liking bus-ferry-plane journeys.

3. I do have a relationship, but s/he is not here.

Because you'll be going everywhere alone, learn deflection techniques to get people lost ASAP.

4. Accomodation.

When you go to see her/him, you might have an accommodation problem. If s/he is not living in their own flat, get used to staying at hotels.

5. Not caring about yourself on normal days.

Because you see each other so seldom, you'll start to be careless about your looks on normal days.

6. Danger of high radiation.

You'll risk an exposure to high radiation to see your lover-- with your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

7. Every date is a special date.

Because every date is special, you'll have to buy presents. After a while, you'll be stuck with the question, 'what should I buy this time?'

8. How far can I go with flowers and chocolates?

For keeping your relationship alive, you'll send surprise gifts occasionally. Flowers, teddies, chocolates, then what? You'll run short of options quite soon.

9. What if s/he finds me like this?

You'll begin to worry about  him or her coming to surprise you, and finding you in a way you wouldn't like to be seen. You'll always wander restlessly.

10. Are you mad at me?

Communicating with technology, to a certain extent, because you can't use facial expressions and body language effectively, might cause small arguments to escalate faster.

11. How far can this go?

The question 'How far can this go?' will come to your mind constantly. You'll start questioning the long-distance relationship.

12. What on earth is sex?

You'll have an obligation to keep some of your needs unsatisfied.

13. You can't put anything else in her/his place.

You'll be in search of replacing his/her absence with other things. You might start sleeping with your teddy again after the age of 25.