13 Problems Men With Boobs Go Through!


Besides the health issues of being overweight, it also causes serious cosmetic issues for men. Having big boobs is one of the leading, and creates real difficulties and troubles which make men worry about. Here is a few:

1. Jokes by your friends about your boobs like 'These need bra man! Muahahaha' has reached a draggy level.


2. The obtrusive image emerging when you sweat could make you win the 'wet t-shirt contest'

3. You can never explain to anyone the distress of the rashes under your breasts.

4. Having to hold your breasts while you run is a bit sad.

5. You keep dreaming about transforming your breasts into pectoral muscles, but you only postpone it.

6. Caught t-/shirt under your breasts when you sit causes erotic images.

7. In summer when you go swimming, it's really hard to find someone who could go into the sea/pool as fast as you can.

8. It's really tiring to wrap a towel as soon as you get out from the sea like celebrities seeing paparazzi.

9. Having to buy undershirts two size smaller than your actual size to make them seem smaller.

10. You wouldn't know whether you should be happy or not when your female friends say they envy you.

11. Even if you dance very well, they unwillingly look at the other parts of your body beyond your figures.

12. You can hide stuff, but there is no way to hide your breasts.

13. You have issues like hiding your cleavage.

But still and all, you can find different ways to have fun by yourself

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