13 Moments You're Guaranteed To Experience If You're 30+ And Still Living With Your Parents!


You still go through some of your teenager problems but now you have to deal with constant "When are you getting married?" questions...The society should really stop judging and hear you out!

1. Are you married yet? Did you have kids yet? Are you dating someone?

Look at all your friends!

2. They constantly ask about your salary, what you buy and how you spend it...

3. Soul-wrenching tragedy of hiding your relationship. Even now...

4. "Why won't you sort your room?" "Pick up your socks!" "Shall I make your bed?"

No mom, I'm 30 and I THINK I can live in mess if I want to.

5. You must go to all the blind dates your mom arranged.

6. Visiting relatives during holidays is now a nightmare!

7. The pity looks from your mom when you keep attending your friends' weddings.

8. Constantly having to choose between your family or your friends...

9. You constantly listen their problems as if you're shrink!

10. Putting up with your dad when you come home after 10 pm and he says it's not a freaking motel!

11. Every time you bring up the idea of moving out to your own apartment, your mother parries it successfully.

12. All your future plans must be postponed till you get married.

13. Even if you sleep in on a Sunday, they freak out...

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