13 Miracle Orgasm Methods For Women!

> 13 Miracle Orgasm Methods For Women!

Reaching orgasm is harder for women than men because orgasm doesn't revolve around ejaculation for us. Many women can't reach orgasm due to reasons that she's unaware of or can't alter. This is a serious problem that needs consideration. We gathered up some suggestions to reach the dream orgasm in this list. It's free to try. Happy orgasms!

1. Regular masturbation makes it easier to orgasm.

Women who regularly masturbate are observed to orgasm more often during sexual intercourse.

2. Lose everything in the room that disturbes your concentration.

For example, silencing your phone or choosing a room with dim lights...

3. Ask for your partner's help to reach clitoral orgasm.

Many women can't have vaginal orgasms without a clitoral orgasm. It's important to stimulate the clitoris before and during sexual intercourse.

4. A massage with essential oils can skyrocket you to orgasm.

Good smelling oils will relax your muscles and help you reach orgasm easier, especially when the massage is done on your erogenous zone.

5. Dirty talk with your partner.

Ask your partner what he/she wants to do to you and start imagining them. Of course, you should be comfortable with your partner's ideas first. If everything's okay, it will excite you to imagine these scenarios beforehand.

6. You should have an average of 21 minutes of foreplay.

This number is determined by the researchers. Out of women who had 21 minute of foreplay, only 7% couldn't reach orgasm.

7. You can try different types of condoms.

For example, ribbed condoms can create extra pleasure for you.

8. Don't miss the important times of the month!

There are 2 extra pleasure times of the month, which are before your period and after your period. In these days, your body can be stimulated more than the usual. It's possible to experience an orgasm 2 times stronger than a normal one around this time.

9. Close your eyes and start imagining stuff if you aren't excited enough.

If your partner's facial expressions are distracting you, you can always close your eyes and go to your own world of imagination.

10. Try different positions to find the most pleasurable one for you.

Every women is different. Don't be scared to experience new things. Tell your partner which position you want to be in.

11. Interesting fact: Choose to have intercourse during daylight.

Sunlight makes the brain secrete serotonin. You can have an easier orgasm if you choose day time instead of night time.

12. Drink a glass of wine or a cup of sweetened coffee.

Both have a stimulant effect. Drink whichever you feel like, and consume it together with your partner.

13. Don't rush it, start as slow as possible and accelerate towards the end.

You can't reach orgasm with a quickie. It's better to build up pleasure slowly to blow up at the end.