13 Kick Ass Songs For Those Who Can’t Sleep At Night


Not everybody is able to fall asleep instantly. Some spend hours thinking what the next day holds, some stage Greek tragedies in their heads until the sunrise. We know many suffering souls out there are in need of a companion during those woeful nights. Well, maybe because misery loves company.

Easing this nighttime pain with music might be a good way of coping with your sleeplessness when there’s no-one around. After all, what is a good friend for, if not to keep you sane? So here are 13 songs to make your best friends during those long, lonely nights.

Put on your headphones, and enjoy your suffering gracefully, fellas…

1. LP - Lost On You

2. The Erised - Spring

3. Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky

4. Martin Stahl - Goodbye

5. The Indien - Running

6. Alicks. - Next To You

7. Tender - Afternoon

8. Lucy Rose - I Tried

9. Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

10. Charles Hamilton - Down The Line ft. Laurel

11. Cannons - Evening Star

12. Laurel - Life Worth Living

13. The 1975 - Somebody Else

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