13 Habits Brave People Have Already Given Up

> 13 Habits Brave People Have Already Given Up

The experiences we have, the things that we see, things that are imposed on us to be true and so on. Because of all of these reasons, we have fears and worries. We stay where we are most of the time because of these fears and don't leave our safe zone.

1. Not being able to start from zero.

Sometimes everything goes bad and you need to leave the past behind and start something new. But most of us stay where we are so as not to mess up the orders we have.

2. Hiding our emotions.

When was the last time you hugged someone for real or made somebody feel he/she was really important for you, or when was the last time you wanted help?

We think that if we show our emotions we'll be seen weak or get hurt. We're afraid to show our emotions so much that we've all turned into robots.

3. Not saying I love you.

We all try to hide our feeling of love like it's humiliating and feeling something towards somebody is something to be ashamed of. Maybe we're afraid of getting hurt when we confess. But it's better to have broken heart instead of a lifetime regret.

4. Not being able to trust anybody.

We all had a friend that screwed us over. People have become selfish due to life circumstances. They've all come to a point where they can't think of anybody else but themselves. People don't even trust their families nowadays.

5. Avoiding relationships

How many relationships have ended because people feared to have responsibilities, were afraid of getting hurt, losing time, and saying ''I'm better this way'?'

6. Being afraid to take a new step forward

The thing that makes us most afraid is change. Because change offers us uncertainty and we're really afraid of what is not known. Maybe if we take a step everything will be great but we don't dare.

7. Hiding behind excuses

Instead of facing the truth, we ease our conscience with other factors. But we must know that people who really have self-esteem can stand behind what they've done without hiding behind excuses.

8. Not expressing your real opinions

We mostly keep our thoughts to ourselves because we're afraid of being misunderstood, damaging our position and relationships, and so many more reasons.

9. Choosing the easy side

Maybe this is the weakest thing we do. When something scares us or forces us, instead of solving it, we accept the facts and give up. By doing so, we lose our self-respect without being aware.

10. Not keeping the promises

The worst is we don't keep the promises we give to ourselves. By doing this, we lose people's trust and our own self-respect, and we also become more and more lonely. Instead of being relaxed and having self-esteem by keeping our promises, we enslave ourselves to our pangs of remorse.

11. Not having faith in anything

We first lose faith in ourselves, then we lose faith in life. As Susan Jeffers, American writer and psychologist, said “We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.”

12. Losing time

We have a chance to do things better but we keep postponing them because of the fears we have, but time doesn't stop.

13. Missing out on life

While we're standing where we are, life as we know it continues to flow and maybe we're missing something that's happening next to us.

That's why we have to get rid of these habits before it's too late and start being a lot braver against life.