13 Extremely Ridiculous Questions We're Sick Of Hearing!


We’re all exposed to those simple but monstrously stupid questions that can cause a minor heart attack, and we usually try to answer them normally to be kind. Many of us became neurotic at a young age just because of this.

We compiled the most ridiculous ones, so maybe someone reads  and stops asking them..

1. Have you gained weight?

This one is usually asked when we see someone after a long time but it’s extremely annoying if we actually gained weight. “Oh, I’m glad you asked because I haven’t noticed that change in my body until you told me!!!!”

2. How was your exam?

If you answer ‘bad’ to that, you’re most likely going to hear other questions like ‘why, didn’t you study, were the questions hard’ to drive you nuts. 

You can understand it by just looking at my face son, why are you even asking?

3. Oh, you came?

No it’s not me actually, aliens abducted me and put an alien inside of me.

4. Do you love your dad or mom more?

There is nothing more stupid than this one. Our whole childhood was a dilemma because of this question. Please don’t ask this one again, and stop the ones who do.

5. Are you sleeping?

We don’t know what to say to this outrageously ridiculous one.

6. When are you graduating?

We think people ask this in front of our parents on purpose to make us feel pressured af.

7. How much money do you make?

It’s normal when friends or family ask about it, but how about curious neighbors and relatives? It’s none of your business, man. Am I asking you about your retirement benefits?

8. Are you okay?

If you really care about me, please do something else rather than asking this. Do something to make me feel better, if not, please shut up and go away.

9. What are your plans after graduation?

“Moving in my family’s house and spending their money my whole life.”

Unfortunately, even though we want to answer like this most of the time, we have to stop ourselves.

10. When are you gonna get married?


11. Why did you break up?

I usually remain silent to stop myself from being rude, you should do the same.

12. Can we start with any question we want?

How old are you?

13. Why are you alone?

I wouldn’t be alone if I could answer this question, right?

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