13 Emotional Reasons Why A Woman Might Cheat On Her Partner...

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Not everything on this earth is for men. We’re two different kinds of people, trying to maintain our lives. Men usually have simple reasons when people ask them “Why did you cheat on her?” But we, as women, don’t do it if we don’t have emotional reasons. Yes we did, and we are doing it, dearest mankind. So guess now, why do you think woman cheat?

1. If she thinks she found someone better than the one in her life,

It doesn’t have a convincing reason for man because it’s something instinctual. It has the impulse of maintaining our life in its center.

2. If she has anxiety and continuous fighting in her relationship,

You may question “Why doesn’t she break up with him then?” But sometimes things aren’t that easy.

3. If she thinks she’s not getting the value she deserves from her relationship,

Because men love to think “She’s mine anyway,” and ignore a woman's identity.

4. If her sex life is bad and she can’t find a solution for it,

Everyone needs sex. Men sometimes can’t even tolerate talking about sex problems.

5. If she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and she’s seeking revenge,

The best thing is actually to beat him up, but sometimes things don’t go that way.

6. If she finds someone that tells her sweet things, unlike her boyfriend who’s keeping them for himself,

Talking is one of the biggest abilities of mankind. How hard is it to say “You’re
beautiful” or “I love you” to a woman?

7. If she’s tired of living with someone who doesn’t care about his looks,

Did you know that when woman does the same, man easily get angry and insult them?

8. If she’s with someone who goes to sleep right after having sex,

The main feature of a reckless man. Sex is mutual; how can you just go to sleep right after, as if you got what you wanted?

9. If her man never listens to her problems and comes up with unhelpful solutions,

Who needs you then!

10. If she’s constantly getting compared to other women, and never gets appreciation for her abilities,

Because when you make a woman feel unimportant, it means you're ignoring her.

11. Even her smallest expectations are not met and she never gets what she wants,

It’s one of the biggest things that pushes a woman to cheat - when her man never does what she wants.

12. If the passion is gone and nothing is being done to revive it,

Men have to increase the passion in their relationship if it's starting to look like a friendship. Do you know why? Because they always expect woman to do this mission!

13. Regardless of the reason, it’s enough for a woman to cheat when she is neglected, feels invaluable, doesn’t feel like a woman, or got cheated on.

Not everything on this earth is for men. There are times when we can also cheat and walk away.

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