13 Day To Day LifeHacks: Apply At Your Own Pleasure!


This compilation of subtle, random advice and life hacks of all sorts will help you raise the quality of your life, relationships, and surroundings.

If you have a few responses to an argument. choose the one strongest response rather than multiple weak points.

If you add weaker points just to make it sound like you have many responses, people will focus on these weaknesses and ignore the strong point.

If you have trouble figuring out where to eat with a partner, friend or family member consult the "5-2-1" technique.


Suggest 5 options and have them choose two. Then choose one of the two places they suggested and go there. Works best with the indecisive, "down for anything" bunch.

When you are defending an argument, accept the counter-argument first and mention it before moving on to why you're right.


A short example:

"True, there's no doubt that smoking cigarettes cause cancer. It's a terrible illness and I feel deeply towards those who are afflicted. However, this fact shouldn't require a ban on cigarettes. There's the danger in every aspect of life; from all kinds of food to driving vehicles. You can't ban things that are dangerous because it would cause a bubble that would prevent us from experiencing life..."

Don't try to encourage someone by saying "It's easy, you can do it!"

Particularly if it's their first time trying it, avoid that phrase at all costs. For them, it would cause more anxiety for fear of failing at something super easy. Even worse, saying that it's easy would undermine the joy of their success, since "it was easy anyway."

Write down 3 things that you're grateful for every morning.


It's scientifically proven that this little exercise raises your levels of happiness. You don't have to write grand things, just details would even suffice, something like: 

  • I'm lucky that I'm not allergic to pollen.

  • I'm lucky to have learned this gratefulness exercise. 

  • I'm lucky that there's a bakery near my house, even the smell it spreads every morning is very pleasant.

If you're playing chess with a child, make it more fun for them by allowing them to change the places of the pieces once in awhile.


If you're playing with a friend, try changing the pieces once every 5 moves; the game will become even more interesting and fun.

If you're feeling upset or down, be really nice to the first 3 people that you encounter.

Putting aside your low mood and being nice to others pushes your mind to enhance your mood as well.

If you don't want your kid to smile awkwardly while posing, don't say "Smile!" or "Cheese."


Instead, ask them to tell you a joke but without laughing. They will surely laugh, and it will be genuine.

When you're late, instead of apologizing, thank the person for having waited.

Apologizing emphasizes that you're in the wrong while thanking someone for their patience leaves a positive mark.  

It also works in the business world when your clients have to wait.

If your cat is lost or has escaped, put their litter box outside so they can find home easily.


Cats can smell their own urine/feces from hundreds of meters away.

When you meet someone take special attention to figuring out the color of their eyes.


This requires dense eye contact that leads to a stronger bond. Just make sure you don't stare like a psycho.

If you have a huge, overwhelming task, complete it by dismantling it into little pieces.


Completing each little piece will make you feel more productive.

When you start learning a language, take a look at a list of 100 most frequently used words and start by memorizing those.

Most daily conversations use these words so you will become conversational faster. You can also speed up your learning process of sentence structures by translating the following sentences. 

  • The apple is red.

  • The apple is Dalila's.

  • I gave the apple to Dalila. 

  • We gave the apple to Dalila.

  • He/She gave the apple to Dalila.

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