13 Cool DIY Projects That Will Transform Your House Into A Beautiful Hangout

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These 13 DIY projects will transform the mojo of your house. They are easy to make and spectacular to look at. You will want to try them at least for the fun of it.

1. Napkin holder from a Starbucks cup.

Now you can have the cozy Starbucks cups around all year round in your kitchen. Who needs the expensive napkin holders, when you can make a chic one for free with a simple cut.

2. Candle holder from sticks and twigs.

All you need is an old cup, and you can create this by pasting sticks and twigs on it! This would sell for a straight $25 at the store. Be careful not to make the sticks too long though! We don't want to create a fire.

3. Mood lighting from cans.

All you have to do is paint some cans and make holes in them for this gorgeous look. It will give the room a very cozy vibe.

4. Coaster from ice cream sticks.

Summer is coming, and this is the perfect opportunity. Instead of trashing the sticks of ice creams you've enjoyed; you can create the perfect coasters with a couple of knots.

Another alternative:

5. Create a masterpiece from your old lamp.

All you need is spray paint, a needle, and some creativity.

6. A sign made with colorful threads.

You can trace the shape with some nails and wrap colorful threads around them.

7. A new shelf from an old guitar.

This gorgeous shelf can be made as simple as removing the upper part of a guitar.

8. Cardboard frames.

The size and colors may vary to your liking.

9. LED lit letter.

It's a very simple solution to a very expensive product.

10. Shelf made from an old ladder.

You can paint it or leave it as vintage looking as it looks.

11. The frame you need from an old door.

You can hang it up or leave it straight up.

12. Cork board from wine corks.

A new look for the old cork boards. We can attach our notes to it like the usual.

13. Pebble mop.

All you need is some pebbles from the beach and just paste them onto your doormat or mop. It will look beautiful.

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