13 Bad Things You Can't Do When Someone Asks Your Advice!

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I mean come on, they trust your wisdom and you're just kidding with them basically. Shape up and act accordingly!

1. Don’t ask anyone “What’s wrong” just for the sake of conversation.

There’s no reason to show false interest in people you actually don’t care about. Just say hi and pass by.

2. Look at their eyes when they open up to you, not to your phone.

Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you’ll call them later. Your friend is talking about his/her important problems. It won’t do anything to you to take a break from texting.

3. Don’t steal the scene by saying things like "I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM" in the middle of the conversation.

You need to give the attention they deserve when they talk about their problems. Please be polite and don't say that you suffered from the same problem before.

4. Don’t talk about how great your dad is to someone who lost theirs.

Ok, you are healthy and good. We got that. But that person is there for you to make them feel better, not for you to thank god for your situation.

5. Don’t take a selfie with your crying friend and post it like ‘therapy time :O.o’

You are that friend that deserves a block.

6. Try to say something nice if someone that's heartbroken is sitting in front of you.

Don’t stand there like the scarecrow. Say something to give them hope. They also had the walls to talk to, but they preferred you.

7. Whatever the problem is, don’t underestimate it.

It only makes you a bad friend when you act and talk like their problem is not actually important, instead of trying to help.

8. Don’t eat three donuts in front of someone who is considering leaving home.

You’ll feed yourself later; ask your friend first if they want to eat anything.

9. Don’t ever say ‘you’re exaggerating,’ ‘nothing will happen,’ ‘let it go,’ ‘I think you’re bullshitting’

Don’t ignore their concerns; they are definitely going through something important if they have this much anxiety.

10. Let them cry; there’s no point in forcing them to remain strong.

They would not be talking with you if they were feeling strong about it. Don’t disappoint them.

11. Don’t give advice until they ask. Instead, ask if you can do anything for them.

They already thought about the advice you are about to give. You’re not the only wise one. Make them feel supported.

12. Don’t leave the table until they want to leave.

Don’t leave that table unless you really have to leave. It would make them feel worthless if you left before they finish talking about their concerns.

13. Keep calling and checking on them after the day you talk.

It may look nice to satisfy your curiosity and run away, but remember, you will have problems one day and need to talk to someone too.

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