12 Things Only People Suffering From Misophonia Can Understand


Misophonia: (literally) hating mouth related sounds such as eating, drinking; flies buzzing, doors creaking, and etc.

1. The most uncomfortable sounds are mostly eating sounds. You stare at the people eating at the table as if you were trying to kill them with your mind-power.

2. Sometimes you can't take it anymore and feel like crying out of anger.. and sometimes actually do cry.

3. There are times that you just go to another room to eat during a family dinner.


4. You want to strangle the people who chew gum with their mouths open.

5. Because you also can't stand the sound someone breathing, you can't share your bed with somebody else during the silent hours of the night.

6. You come across people who slurp their hot beverages, and you can never understand why they do such a disgusting thing.

7. You try to imitate them to understand them, but you can't.

8. You try to come up with a solution and put your head phones on, which helps a little. However, you can offend the people around you with this, but they will get used to it over time.


9. You see that there are others that are just like you. It makes you happy to know that you aren't alone.


10. This disorder affects your social life very badly. You decide to see a psychiatrist if it deteriorates.


11. You just end up accepting your fate not being able to find permanent solutions. You expect understanding and tolerance from those that are around you.

12. Misophonia is a serious disorder, for which there is still no cure. Please support people with misphonia and be nice to them!

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