12 Stupid Statements Phone Addicts Hate Hearing!


Accept it people. Smart phones are a huge part of our life and some people love it. It's okay if you don't want to use it; just leave these people alone.

1. "Hey what are you doing with that?"

Uhm, lap dance?

2. "It's gonna merge with your hand"

Yeah sure...

3. "Its a source of radiation!!!"

I might want to die, ok?

4. "Of course your battery won't last long!"

Who asked for your opinion?

5. "Who are you texting?"

What? Really?

6. "Hey I'm talking to you!"

Then don't.

7. "I want to play with that as well"


8. "It's called a smart phone but it's making you dumb"


9. "Heeeey you got a new date!!!?"

Dude back off.

10. "Hey gimme that!"

What- don't touch me!!

11. "Oh the youth"

Oh the old....

12. "No phones here"

No me then...

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