12 Situations That Make Us Less Attractive


We all want to attract the people we like and we try so hard to do our best. But sometimes we forget what makes us unattractive. In this list, we put together 12 situations that make us unattractive. From now on, also focus on the things that make you look bad instead of things that make you look good.

1. Lack of sleep


Lack of sleep is one of the things that makes you less attractive. In a research study done in 2010, participants were shown pictures of people who had slept a minimum of 8 hours the day before and people who lacked sleep. The participants found the people who slept less to be tired, sad, unhealthy and less attractive. So what do we do from now on? We sleep well.

2. Ruthlessness


In a research study done in China in 2014, participants were shown pictures of people who had no emotions on their faces. Words like ''polite'' and ''ruthless'' were also added next to the pictures and of course the participants were affected by these words and stated that they had found people who were tagged with the word ''ruthless'' less attractive.

3. Weak body language


A strong posture not only makes us feel good and secure but also makes people see us that way. In a research study done in 2016, weak posture may cause the opposite sex to find us less attractive. The researchers first made profiles on a dating application. Then they used photographs of people who had different body languages. As a result, participants reported that they found people with strong postures more attractive than people with weak postures.

4. Stress


In a research study done in 2013, it was found that men find women with a high level of stress hormone less attractive. Scientists think that this is because low stress levels make women look more healthy and this means they can carry a child better.

5. Overjoy and pride


While smiling and looking happy make women more attractive, they make men less attractive. On the contrary, men with pride are found attractive whereas women with pride have a negative impact on men. In a survey in 2011, 1000 men and women were given photographs and asked to rate the opposite sex. According to results, men found women who were happy to be more attractive while they found women with pride unattractive. The results were the opposite for women.

6. Bad sense of humor


In a research study done in 2009, it was found that being funny is really attractive and it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. A good sense of humor makes both men and women more attractive.

7. Laziness


According to a research study done in 2014, an active body makes men more attractive. It seems as though our hunter and gatherer characteristics still play a role on being chosen. Being helpful and taking risks also makes us more attractive.

8. Smell


Science says that we don't choose people who are completely different from us or who are exactly the same as partners. One of the biggest reasons behind this choice is the scent of the body. In research from 2006, researchers investigated how attractive couples found each other and how prone they were to having relationship with others. As a result, couples with similar or totally different DNA were satisfied less in bed and prone to having a relationship with other people.

9. Fraud


Some people may lie about themselves to impress the other side, but it seems as though this doesn't pay off well. In fact, this has the opposite effect of what they want to do. According to research, not being honest has negative effects for both men and women.

10. Loneliness


According to research in 2014 done by the University of California, people look more attractive when they're in a group. At the same time, when a person is surrounded by other people, it seems like they're friendly, helpful and easy-going. That's why people hold back from people who are alone and being alone makes us less attractive.

11. Making small talk


In a research study done in 1997 at the University of New York, researchers divided students into two groups and determined the speaking topics beforehand. According to the results, couples who made personal and specific conversations found each other more attractive, whereas couples who made small talk didn't. In fact, a couple actually fell in love during the study.

12. Playing second fiddle


As you know, being powerful makes people more attractive. A research study done in 2014 showed that people found group leaders more attractive than the others in the group. Both men and women think people who play second fiddle have weak personalities and are less successful. This makes the illusion that when you're rich and powerful, you look better than you actually are.

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